By Eniola Amadu

In the wake of the recent Nationwide Strike by the Nigerian Labour Congress(NLC) and the Trade Union Congress(TUC), students of the Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba Akoko have reacted to the actions of the Organizations.

The NLC & TUC had earlier this month expressed their grief in the recent economic hardship of the country and the electricity tariff thereby proposing a new minimum wage and a reversal in the hike in electricity tariff awaiting the government approval.

Containing in their text press release they expressed their grave concerns on the nonchalant attitude of the government officials on the path of reaching a productive agreement “Today’s meeting further demonstrated the unseriousness and apparent contempt with which the Nigerian state holds the demands of Nigerian workers and people. 

“No Governor was present and Ministers were absent except the Minister of state for Labour and Employment who doubles as a conciliator.

“There was none present on the side of the government with the appropriate authority to commit them to any outcome; in essence, the Government abandoned the meeting. 

We consider this disdainful and shows a lack of commitment to a successful National Minimum Wage negotiation exercise.”

However, students have expressed their grievances as regards the nationwide strike action of the Organisations.

Speaking with this reporter, a student of Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba Akoko, Opeyemi Seyifunmi, a 200-level student from Mass Communication department said, “In my own opinion, this ongoing strike is affecting the nation as a whole. Aside from University students, secondary school students who happened to attend a government school were also sent back home by their teachers with a cane today as a result of the strike. 

The FG needs to take quick action to meet the demands and needs of the NLC because aside from affecting the educational sector, the whole economy will face crises more than the nation has ever encountered if this strike should last for a week, there is ample hardship in the country already” expressing her grievances on the nationwide strike action and the possible effects on the country’s economy.

Olamide Olulana said “I feel devastated at the moment. I just want to finish school early and forget about it.

The first impact on me as a student is the delay in my academic progress, the second is the lack of interest whenever the strike is called off. 

The government should pay up their debts and adhere to the demands of NLC and TUC immediately.” expressing her fear of the delay of her academic life and pursuit.

Also, Blessing Oluwafisayomi a student from the Microbiology department said ” If this strike is going to continue, it’s going to affect a lot of students especially final-year students as they have less than four months to use and now with the strike, it’s going to elongate their duration in school;  the academic calendar and course duration which we’re not supposed to spend up to four years might spend more. Imagine the last strike and its effects on students.

Also, the government knows what they can do to avert this, they just don’t want to do it; it’s not like there’s no money, just pay this (NLC &TUC) that’s what they are asking for. 

Do you expect a lecturer who cannot fuel his car and fend for his family to come and teach? Teach what with what, Hunger? The government knows what to do, they don’t just want to release the money that’s the issue.” 

Expressing her concern, Temiloluwa Adenipekun, a 200-level student of mass communication said “I don’t like strikes and all that, but I think they are doing this because of their rights and because of the Nigerian condition, economic hardship and all that and this strike is just a means through which they can get something from the government so they are doing something right, it’s now up to the government to do the right thing and meet the needs of the NLC and TUC. 

The NLC does not wish to strike, they just want the right response from the government, and if the government fulfills what they want, they will go back to their daily activities.

The work now is for the government, they should fulfill the demands of organizations and everything should go back to normal so the work is now for the government.

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