Daniel Akinte 

The Nigerian government’s decision to revise the proposed minimum wage from N60,000 to a higher figure following the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) strike on Monday has ignited a flurry of debate on social media, with numerous Nigerians expressing dissatisfaction and disappointment over what they perceive as an inadequate increase.

Efforts to assuage public discontent notwithstanding, denizens have turned to social media platforms to air their grievances, casting doubt on the government’s capacity to tackle the nation’s pressing economic challenges.

This reaction underscores the escalating tensions between the populace and authorities, as well as the pivotal role that social media plays in molding public discourse and consciousness in contemporary Nigeria.

One Facebook user, Enyinnaya Ofuche Bishop, remarked, “The way the labour union are smiling here, they may take bribe and go back This is what they should have done when Emilokon removed the subsidy which triggered the whole hardship “

Another Facebook user, Christy Debs, voiced skepticism about the government’s action, stating, “Which one is more than 60k. They should be specific.”

Additionally, Maisamari Yohanna opined that the government’s focus should extend beyond workers to encompass all citizens of the nation, questioning, “If workers want government to increase salary for them. What will government increase to non-working citizens of Nigeria? Is government only for workers? Solving the high cost of living is the best not increments of salary.”

Mfon Akpan advocated for a substantial raise in the minimum wage, asserting, “They should just make it a whole, 100k more reasonable and considerate.”

Expressing a similar sentiment, Ibrahim Aliyu Suyudi argued that salary hikes alone won’t alleviate the nation’s economic woes, proposing instead, “Government should have reduce pump price by half that’s N300 – N350 and put in place price control board these measures would bring sort of relief to Nigerians.”

In agreement, Ahamzy contended, “Paying more than or less than 60k will still make no difference. Just like the FG, labour have failed to address the main issue.”

Oluwadamilare Michael Emmanuel cautioned that an increase in the minimum wage could trigger inflation, remarking, “I trust our people, prices of goods will skyrocket again, and labour will now begin to demand another increment.”

Patricia suggested that the NLC should have prioritized reducing fuel prices, commenting, “They would have just fought for reduction in fuel price, cos that is the cause of all this hardship!!!”

Betty Joel criticized the NLC’s focus on minimum wage, asserting, “Misplaced priority! Labour force suppose to fight for goods price reduction, while fight for salary increase another time.”

Hussan Jiya Gbade questioned the government’s neglect of private sector workers, stating, “What about those who are not working under the government are them not a citizens of Nigeria “

Raphael Onyedi stressed the need for a robust agreement between the government and NLC, cautioning against misplaced trust, “FG can’t be trusted, this is yahoo government, there should be a concrete agreement”

Moreover, Wisdom Sunday and Paul Jediel Ephraim called for clarity regarding the minimum wage, with Sunday expressing uncertainty over the NLC’s stance and Ephraim urging transparency in the negotiation process, “how much ‘re they willing to pay is the concern here… morerhan 60000 could be 60500 or 61000 state d amount.. closed door meeting. Labour are about to betray Nigerians again”


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