She recently criticized Ilebaye, a current participant in the ongoing ‘All Stars’ season, for belittling her fellow housemate, Ceec.


The clash between Ilebaye and Ceec occurred after a lively Saturday night party, resulting in two strikes for Ilebaye and punishment for Ceec. In the heat of the argument, Ilebaye flaunted her age of 22 as a way to mock Ceec. However, Ceec retaliated, highlighting her own achievements at 22, which included being called to the Nigerian bar.


Ceec also pointed out that she didn’t focus on pursuing multiple romantic relationships within the house, unlike Ilebaye’s insinuation. Ceec reminded Ilebaye that she remained loyal to one person, Miracle, throughout her time on the show. This rebuttal underlined the lack of credibility in Ilebaye’s boasting.


Nina, now a mother of one, shared her thoughts on the matter via Twitter, stating, “I find Ilebaye’s age-shaming of Ceec amusing. When I was part of BBN at 21, I reached the finals without engaging in romantic flings. Unlike some, I remained committed to one person until the show’s conclusion. I didn’t rely on BBN All Stars to enhance my brand; I diligently cultivated it, and it continues to thrive. Goodbye, girl.”

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