Don Jazzy recently shared that his motivation stems from his days of selling akara alongside his mother in Ajegunle, where he hoped to catch the attention of “big men” who might assist him.

During an appearance on the Zero Conditions podcast, the music producer expressed doubt about the authenticity of some people’s claims of suffering, citing his own past.

He noted that his childhood involvement in selling akara shaped his perspective, particularly the fervent prayers he offered to be noticed and financially supported.

Don Jazzy also mentioned that his current success has driven him to assist anyone he encounters, and he can’t help but empathize with those facing challenges.

He expressed his desire to make a positive impact on everyone he meets. Reflecting on his beginnings, he recalled vivid memories of sitting beside his mother, frying akara in Ajegunle.

He said, “I remember it like it was yesterday… I remember sitting down with my mum frying akara there, sitting on the bench there in Ajegunle, and any big man that passes by with their Peugeot 504 or Mercedes 230 or whatever and they come to buy akara. 

“I also remember the thought in my head, ‘I wish this man would just look at me and go Young boy just take this, I know that you need it’ or something like that.”

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