Abdulrasaq Kamaldeen 

A 27-year-old Nigerian ex-beauty queen, Joyceline Kalu, married a 56-year-old American, Dino Soriano, sparking online criticism due to their age gap and cultural differences, with many accusing her of marrying for money.

The couple met on Instagram through Joyceline’s crochet business. Soriano initially reached out to Joyceline for business purposes and later invited her to the US to establish her business, leading to their romantic relationship and eventual marriage.

In an interview on YouTube’s “Love Don’t Cost a Thing,” which has since gone viral, Soriano said, “I met my wife through her crochet business. We are being judged online because people have an issue with her being younger than me.”

Speaking about their meeting, Joyceline said, “We met through Instagram. He was literally looking for crochet for three of his girlfriends in Africa and other places. He asked if I could send the items, and I agreed. We started talking, and the same day he asked, ‘Would you like to come to the US to establish your business?’ I said ‘hell yeah,’ and a week later, we were in love.”

On social media, many have criticized Joyceline, accusing her of marrying Soriano for his money rather than for love.

Oluwatoyin Obanla commented, “If money is involved, an average Nigerian woman doesn’t care about the age gap or marital status of any man. They’re ready to be wife number 10 with an age gap of 30 years.”

Sammymary Makir added, “When it comes to securing their happiness, women are ruthless. If a woman settles for you, don’t think you’re the best; you’re just the best option available to her.”

Ochonye Inalegwu noted, “Now everyone is supporting her, but imagine if it were a young man marrying an older Oyibo woman. The story would be different.”

Fatimah Zele Zele questioned, “Why didn’t she care about the age difference? She knew quite well she was marrying the man because of money.”

Uthman Qudus Adeniyi dissented, saying, “I don’t know why people don’t mind their business. That was how they dragged that Nollywood actress who married a senator. She’s happily married today, while some of the busybodies that were dragging her then are still single. God bless your marriage, madam.”

Abdulrahman Suleiman added, “Is it a crime to fall in love despite the age difference? Since she’s an adult, she should follow her mind, period.”

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