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The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) has discovered 3,000 individuals posing as graduates who never attended any classroom. 

This revelation was made by the Registrar, Prof Ishaq Oloyede, in a report published in the board’s bulletin, obtained by our correspondent.

During a meeting with the Committee of Pro-Chancellors of State Universities, Prof Oloyede expressed concern over the prevalence of illegal admissions by some institutions, which he described as a national embarrassment.

The announcement has sparked a variety of reactions on social media, with users expressing both support and skepticism towards JAMB’s findings and actions.

Mathias Efeche Ayiebe Ette commended Prof Oloyede’s efforts, hoping for his future appointment as the Minister of Education, “I’m looking forward to a day Prof. Oloyede will serve as a Minister of Education in this country. Aside from improved revenue generation, his digital initiatives have exposed many irregularities in JAMB. We have never had it so good. JAMB should go ahead and publish the names of those graduates to set the record straight for generations to come. This country must work.”

Okoromah Collins expressed cynicism about the integrity of JAMB. “Is it strange, JAMB? It’s not a new story! Chicago University makes it easier for anybody who didn’t go to school to be a president in Nigeria. If JAMB is sincere, let it mention these people; if not, JAMB is much more insincere and dubious, and should be abolished.”

Alfred George pointed to a wider spread of fake graduates within key institutions. “They are full in customs, police, and the national assembly.”

Aj Nyong and Imaobong Etok speculated that many of these fake graduates are employed in government offices. “Complete the statement, and those people are working in government and institutions.” “If you check very well, the majority of them are working in government offices.”

Mary Popoola highlighted the systemic corruption in the country.”That is to show you how corruption has eaten up the country. Why? Because the leaders, law enforcement agencies, and lawyers are corrupt, so the common man now finds his or her way.”

Victor Idowu suggested that the government start by verifying the profiles of Nigerians on social media. “Let the Federal Government start from the profiles of Nigerians on Facebook as almost all attended one university or the other to boost their egos.”

John Ogbajie questioned JAMB’s authority in this matter. “Is it the duty of JAMB to know who is a graduate or otherwise? I think it’s the duty of tertiary institutions to know who’s qualified to be a graduate or not. So many graduates today did not get admitted into schools through JAMB.”

Olutayo Ibigbami noted alternative pathways to graduation that do not involve JAMB. “But the JAMB registrar needs to understand that not all graduates pass through JAMB to obtain their certificates. There are IJMB, pre-degree students too, who don’t go through JAMB for admission.”

Yhuby Yhubee demands transparency. “If you are being honest, they’re all politicians of higher rank like senators, governors, house members, and even the president. If you’re sincere, then release the criminals’ names in the public; if not, of what essence is the discovery?”

Goodhope Odinakachi humorously refers to past scandals. “Lol ..They should also investigate one baba who graduated from a school before the school was established..


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