Miracle Akubuo 

In the latest BBNaija All Star season 8, Princess became the first housemate to be evicted due to her improper behavior, getting evicted on Monday.

After her eviction, Princess took to her Instagram on Tuesday and wrote, “I won’t engage in fights over food or a man at the National TC just because I’m dating a billionaire.”

However, social media users expressed dissatisfaction with her statement on their Facebook pages.

Ester D David on Facebook questioned her involvement in BBNaija, asking, “Why participate in a show for millions when you have access to billions? Seems contradictory.”

Egbounu Lindia Ifeyinwa advised her to put pride aside and focus on developing a skill. She said, “It’s time to swallow your pride and invest in a skill. Big Brother has rejected you twice; you lack competitiveness. Money isn’t everything.”

Another commenter raised doubts about the validity of her claims about dating a billionaire and returning to Big Brother for the prize. He inquired, “Did a billionaire really allow you to go back to Big Brother just to win millions? It’s hard to believe without evidence.”

Ricky holiness chimed in with a sardonic comment, “You’re dating a billionaire, yet you’re here competing for 120 million. Quite the paradox.”

Lindiwe Vilakazi reminded Princess that her relationship status was that of a boyfriend, not a husband. She pointed out, “Dating a billionaire doesn’t automatically make you one. Keep hustling, Princess; remember, he’s your boyfriend, not your husband.”

Chidimma Nwafor advised the Princess to gain some perspective, saying, “Being in a relationship with a billionaire doesn’t make you a billionaire. Show some humility.”

Ugwu Jennifer empathetically suggested that Princess seek assistance to deal with her repeated eviction from the Big Brother house. She urged, “Instead of boasting about dating a billionaire, focus on addressing any potential issues that might be affecting your success in the Biggie house.”

Estel D Devil humorously commented, “Oh, so you’re dating a billionaire and still ended up on Big Brother All Stars? Interesting choice, my dear sister.”

Ugorji Blessing shared her insights and pleaded with Princess to avoid returning to BBNaija after being evicted twice. She expressed her concern, saying, “This is your second quiet exit from Biggie’s house. Please, if Biggie calls again, just stay away.”

Similarly, Charity James advised, “You could have simply stayed home rather than letting history repeat itself once more.”

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