Miracle Akubuo 

The president of the Nigeria Association of Liquefied Petroleum Marketers, Olatunbosun Oladepo, has announced impending price hikes for gas consumers starting next week due to a variety of factors.

He pointed out that rising international prices, high vessel rates, forex scarcity, and naira devaluation are among the reasons for the upcoming price adjustment.

In lieu of this development, Nigerians have taken to Twitter to express their dissatisfactions and disappointments with the government’s handling of the country’s economy.

Simeon, a Twitter user, expressed concern about the frequent gas price increases, stating, ‘Gas prices have risen from 700 per kg to 760 in my area in just the past two weeks, and it appears they may surpass 800 by the end of this month. It’s as if everyone is fleeing the country.’

Shamack voiced concerns about excessive importation, attributing it to the rising fuel and gas costs. She stated, ‘Since we’re still heavily reliant on imports for these essential commodities, the current foreign exchange rate will inevitably impact the prices of petrol and cooking gas in the upcoming days.’

Similarly, Asumiyu appealed to the president, urging caution in these trying times, ‘I understand that prices may rise before the end of this month. Mr. President, we don’t need conflict in Nigeria; all we need is peace.’

Also, Uche Bakaadi emphasized that these developments could push Nigerians toward greater reliance on firewood, raising concerns about desertification in the Northern part of the country. He expressed, ‘As gas prices rise and more people resort to firewood, the desertification that’s already eroding the North’s land will worsen as more trees are cut down for cooking. The government should take note.’

Moreso, Dagunduro Olalekan expressed strong dissatisfaction with the current administration: ‘Under this administration, our lives have taken a different turn. Honestly, considering the direction things are heading, Nigerians will end up blaming themselves for voting him in.’

Chimdite humorously explained why they hadn’t rushed to convert their generator.

Akinyemi took a pragmatic view, stating, ‘I firmly believe that only divine intervention can rescue poor Nigerians from this severe hardship.’

Also, A Twitter user, Dangote’s Last Born, reminded Nigerians of the older ways of living, suggesting a transition from modernity to tradition. He playfully commented, ‘I’m really enjoying this Tinubu approach. He’s bringing back the good old days. First, he encourages us to walk, and now we’re reverting to using kerosene, stoves, and firewood. I’m all for it.’

Gen Tunde shared an unconventional cooking method, saying, ‘Forget cooking gas; get three big stones and wood. It’s five times faster than gas.’

Coin Chaff raised concerns about the persistent cost of living despite stagnant income, which is causing depression among Nigerians. He lamented, ‘Ultimately, depression will plague people because how can we survive when our income couldn’t sustain us even before inflation, and now everything’s getting more expensive while our earnings remain the same.'”


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