The organizers of the Big Brother Naija reality show have come under scrutiny for their decision not to disqualify Ilebaye following the physical altercation between her and CeeC. 

This incident took place after the Saturday night party when a physical altercation transpired between Ilebaye and CeeC within the confines of the house.

Numerous viewers had anticipated Ilebaye’s disqualification from the show due to her behavior. To the surprise of many, Biggie, the authoritative figure of the show, opted for a more lenient approach by issuing Ilebaye two strikes and indicating that further consequences would be implemented during the upcoming week.

The manner in which Ilebaye’s case was handled elicited strong responses, including from Tacha, a former contestant who had been disqualified during the fourth season of the show, Pepper Dem edition, for her own aggressive conduct towards Mercy Eke back in 2019.

Tacha took to her Twitter account on Sunday to express her discontent, urging the show organizers to apologize for her own disqualification in 2019. 

She tweeted, “These individuals are mere jesters. Can someone suggest an alternative term for ‘419’? If an apology is not extended by tomorrow, we might witness a clash here.”


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