Governor Babagana Zulum of Borno State has on Wednesday initiated the first phase of distributing palliatives to assist 1.8 million vulnerable individuals in the region.

During the flag-off ceremony at Muna IDPs camp in Maiduguri, Zulum emphasized the importance of alleviating the hardships caused by the removal of fuel subsidies in the country.

The distribution of these palliatives is in response to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s recent declaration of a food security emergency.

However, this has sparked a variety of reactions on Facebook. While some users praised his efforts and leadership, others expressed concerns about the temporary nature of the palliatives and urged a focus on long-term solutions such as refining Nigeria’s economy and creating job opportunities.

A facebook user, Godfrey Ibekwei said, “Please my people, giving palliative to these people is not the best way, creating job opportunities will push them to work and will go a long way and it will help them change their mindset and look responsible. God help us.”

In his reaction, Wilson Stephenson said, “These are just temporary measures that make no sense… Get ready to repair the refinery and stop all these deception. Useless things they called palliatives.”

On the other hand, Nweke D Godson, praised Governor Zulum, saying, “Gov. Zulum is an exceptional Leader who understands the plight of his people and always proffer solutions to cushion the negative effects.”

Jelili Anibaba expressed support, stating, “The best governor in Nigeria now always doing something good for his people, if this man comes out in the future to aspire as a presidential candidate of Nigeria, I will vote for him.”

Also, a user, Maxwell Aniakor urged, “Let them stop deceiving themselves, start to build industries for youths to have work.”

Abbas Uma Kumbo applauded, “Zulum was the first Governor who started the sharing of Covid 19 palliative last season and now the first again to share another palliative of fuel subsidy removal palliative, kudos Zulum of Nigeria.”

Moreso, Emmanuel Eze criticized, “Feeding bottle system, remnant God forbid, build refinery they say no, create job they can’t, thunder fire any nonsense palliative.”

Similarly, Omotayo Olaniyi commented, ‘Is it palliative that Nigerians need a good economy which makes life comfortable to all. Palliative is nonsense and means of siphoning public funds.”

Zuby Ace expressed disapproval, “This is bad, does it mean the Zulum cannot mobilize other governors to ask Mr. President to build refineries in Nigeria now to allow foreign investors to invest now. Palliative of cups of rice, to end when. This is wickedness.”

Engr Umejiego Chidozie questioned, ‘For how long will you share this palliative since there are no plans on the ground in fixing our refineries?’

Albert Noble also criticized the government, stating, “The government will make you poor and pretend they are helping you. We know the strategies they all use to manipulate the innocent citizens, but this is the end. Enough is enough.”

Tochukwu Atuigwe expressed skepticism, saying”Palliative of what you will eat for a few days and go back to square one.. please spare me all that nonsense.. let them use that money to work on our refineries.. reduce the cost of things in the market.”

Sam Jombo asked, “For how long will this continue… Fix Nigeria refineries for fuel to be cheap, that’s all.”

Kalu Philips simply urged, “To what end? Create jobs.”

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