1. A renowned Nigerian Islamic cleric, Sheikh Muhydeen Bello, recently urged politicians to be cautious of their actions while in office, emphasizing that their legacy will outlive them. 

    He criticized Nigerian politicians for their insatiable greed and lack of fear of God during the four-year remembrance of the late former Governor of Oyo State, Abiola Ajimobi, in Ibadan. 

    Bello’s message, calling for unity and integrity, sparked significant reactions on social media.

    Ethan Ekerete remarked that the issue isn’t about politicians fearing God but about the need for strong institutions with strict consequences for defaulters. “We don’t need politicians fearing God, we need strong institutions with strict consequences and punishment for defaulters. 

    What we need in Nigeria is strong public institutions,” he stated.

    A user, Olukayode Aro shared a similar sentiment, noting that politicians indifferent to public opinion while in office won’t care about their legacy. “Those who don’t care about what people would say about them while in office will never be mindful or get worried about what history they left behind.”

    Also while commenting on God’s Time Unwene expressed skepticism about the cleric’s advice, focusing instead on the economic hardships. “And what will you give me if I get it right? I don’t just use my data like that under this economy.”

    A commenter, Akinmulewo Kayode Philips injected humor into the conversation, referencing a well-known politician. “Emefiele dey carry Bible go court of Nigeria my country.”

    Olajide Monsuru cynically suggested that if politicians genuinely cared about their legacies, they wouldn’t be politicians. “If they do, then they are not politicians, sir.”

    Seun Olawoyin harshly criticized the late Ajimobi, citing his tenure’s negative impacts. “Even Ajimobi you are remembering wasn’t mindful of life after office. He frustrated the students of LAUTECH for many years, today we are remembering him for his wickedness, heartlessness, and corruption.”

    Moreso, Daniel Idakwo expressed surprise at the cleric’s apparent revelation. “Baba na today you know it? Iyachi orekereke kombe… Hehehehe .”

    Sopiacp Theatre provided a broader perspective, attributing politicians’ actions to the expectations and demands of the masses. “If you look at it another way, we the masses are the reason most politicians do what they do after getting to office. 

    “As a politician, if you go out for a campaign without throwing money around, nobody would vote for you. As a result of this, many of them go to extreme lengths to borrow money just to please the masses. Imagine Tinubu buying his way to the Villa and you expect him not to gain what he has spent during the last election? My dear grandpa, politics is a big business. Know this. Know peace. Our expectations of the government are too high, which is why all these complaints keep coming from us citizens.”

    Iman Bin Mid directed the cleric’s advice towards the current administration. “Use this energy to write about Tinubu and his administration…”

    However, Rasaqi Seriki highlighted an ironic twist in Ajimobi’s legacy, noting that he was the first to break a law he established. “Ajimobi promulgated a law that no one should be buried inside a housing estate. He was the first victim of that law. God cannot be bribed.”

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