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Former President Muhammadu Buhari has called for increased self-reliance in food production to mitigate rising food prices and ensure national food security. Speaking after attending Eid prayers with the Emir of Daura, Katsina State, Dr. Faruk Umar Faruk, Buhari praised Nigerians who have turned to farming. This message was conveyed in a statement by his media aide, Garba Shehu.

Buhari emphasized the importance of self-reliance in food production, praising the efforts of farmers to mitigate rising food prices and ensure national food security. He urged citizens to continue striving for self-reliance by growing and consuming locally produced food. Buhari also raised concerns about unchecked population growth and warned of significant future challenges. He urged Nigerians to support each other during these times and praised the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) as a vital unifying force in Nigeria. To mark the occasion, Buhari gifted a cow, 10 bags of rice, and cash to the NYSC members.

While some Nigerians appreciated Buhari’s message, others were critical, expressing their frustrations with the country’s current economic hardships and Buhari’s legacy.

Simeon Favour remarked, “One eye man is a king in the village of the blinds. If not a place like Nigeria, tell me where in the world the likes of Buhari are qualified to give a public speech, talk more of being president. After all, he told us some time ago as president, that ‘Nigerians shall miss me when I’m gone’ knowing fully well that he has put us in a mess and we are missing him.”

Philip Okpanachi questioned the effectiveness of Buhari’s previous policies, asking, “Where is the rice pyramid? APC with Buhari and Tinubu are just like 5&6.”

Don Patrick compared Buhari unfavorably to current President Tinubu, saying, “Imagine Buhari better Tinubu who claimed to be a city boy. Anybody can buy Chicago degrees but lack the knowledge.”

Chukwka Okeke’s comment was more severe, “Very foolish and good-for-nothing cow, you are the one that put Nigerians in this hardship condition people are passing through now. Borrowing money and sharing with your Fulani people without investing at all. Empty head.”

Ezinma Osinachi lamented the state of the country, “Buhari took this country 50 years behind… He midwived the suffering and starvation going on today.”

Ebere Chidiebere called Buhari’s advice hypocritical, “Failure advising disaster. He said he will continue where you stop. Please just tell him to do his own.”

Opeh Francis Onah added, “Buhari took this country into a disaster that Nigerians are facing today.”

Okereke Anderson criticized Buhari’s past leadership, “After destroying Nigeria with his failed ideology of ethnic and religious fanaticism, this man is still discussing issues about this country.”

Adeoye Okhaifo Oje noted, “When you hear them speak, you will think they would make things better. He actually intensified our challenges.”

David Chidiebere Anukaenyi harshly stated, “Grandfather of Boko Haram and bandit. Fulani herdsman has spoken.”

Conversely, Victor Idowu expressed optimism, “I am indeed impressed by what I am seeing in my area. Everyone is farming on any available land. I am sure in a few months food prices will start to drop. Buhari’s advice at this point in time is appreciated. May he continue to blossom in good health, abundant joy, and happiness.”

Vivian Chigirl was skeptical, “That’s the only thing he knows how to say. Even when he was president. How many people from his state have gone to farm and come back safe?”

Olayinka Adebowale Awozoji held Buhari accountable, “Tell us where to start, Sir. You caused it.”

Joy Okeke accused Buhari of harboring ill intentions towards Easterners, “Buhari wanted to wipe out Easterners using Boko Haram. Almighty okike abiama did not consent with you. Buhari is no more in power. Easterners are still soaring in every aspect of life. The innocent blood will never go in vain.”

Nnam Onyitex Okoro highlighted a perceived inconsistency, “The food production should be increased just the way it was during his tenure. Our Nigerian politicians always know how to do it better when they’re out of power.”

Saifullah S Abubakar apologized for previously supporting Buhari, “This Baba finished Nigeria completely. I apologize for my involvement in voting for him in 2015.”

Okey Nwosu pointed out the security issues during Buhari’s tenure, “We witnessed the high negative effect of Boko Haram that hampered agricultural production under your watch. Herders-farmers crisis was alarming and you looked away.”

Apst Ilor Celestine Azubuike questioned where farming should take place, “Where does he want us to go and produce the food? Is it the farmland his kinsmen Fulani herdsmen have taken over?”

Aule Johnix added, “Your brothers who came from neighboring countries can’t let us farm here in Benue.”

Simon Akile accused Buhari of hypocrisy, “The same man unleashed his kinsmen against farmers in the entire Nigeria and he is here talking nonsense. Foolish individual.”

Blossom T Bright criticized both Buhari and the current administration, “Is he not the one who put Nigerians into this mess and this present mad government followed suit?”

Akadi Kufre expressed strong disapproval, “I respected you before I disrespected you. Buhari, will you keep quiet? You still open your mouth to talk after you laid the foundation for the mess we are facing today!”

Oluseye Okeowo blamed Buhari for current challenges, “He paved the way for what we are going through today… Posterity will judge all of them.”

Ezuma Francis pointed out ongoing security concerns, “With bandits killing and attacking farmers in their villages?? You are supposed to be wailing in prison by now if Nigeria was a sane country. Unfortunately, people like Nnamdi Kanu are the ones behind bars while proven international criminals are ruling the country.”

Christian Chike Offor noted historical criticisms of Buhari, “The people who criticized this failure when he was in power were labeled tribal bigots. Funny enough, the same thing is happening again.”

Oguntoye John Oluwasheun found it ironic that Buhari was giving advice, “Imagine Buhari giving advice to this current administration.”

Brhaine55 noted Buhari’s appearance, “See how the wicked are just fresh and plumping.”

Abdulsalam Khadijat Mojisola focused on Buhari’s looks, “Nobody is talking about how handsome he looks.”

Kenny Festus Blessing sarcastically thanked Buhari, “We hear you, sir. We are already harvesting the products you planted. Thank you, sir.”

Nobweseh Ishaku Ikpi blamed Buhari for current problems, “Oga, you are the architect of this misfortune.”

Simon Ayobami Oladeni expressed mixed feelings, “Buhari is looking more handsome. We want increased production but the government is not really helping in that area. We are still hearing promises.”

Wisdom Dum was critical of Buhari’s newfound role, “Mr. Buhari, when did you become a motivational speaker? You are the start of Nigeria’s problems today. You get it?”

Peter Samson Yiga criticized Buhari for giving advice, “He damaged the country and now he is giving advice.”

Enyeribe Chikodi Azubuike was skeptical of Buhari’s legacy, “I have never believed Buhari would be better than any leader in Nigeria. All thanks to Tinubu. Gosh!”

Nnaemeka Chukwudumeme made a cryptic comment, “Hyperreality Mask, is that you?”

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