The Lagos State Fire and Rescue Services has announced plans to install a centralized generator in the Lagos Island market to curb frequent fire outbreaks. 

During the Lagos International Fire Safety Conference, Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu highlighted the importance of collective responsibility in preventing such disasters. 

He emphasized that many fires result from careless behavior and called on market leaders to mitigate fire risks in their areas. Meanwhile, Director of LSFRS Margaret Adeseye stressed the need for stakeholder collaboration and announced the government’s plan to eliminate individual generators by introducing a centralized power source.

This development has generated a lot of reactions online.

In his comment, Augustine Abiodun expressed his dissatisfaction with the current administration, saying, “If you are okay with Lagos state government, please you can relocate back to your state proud.” Moreover, he suggested that those who support the government should consider relocating.

Evidence Chukwuma reacted pessimistically, stating, “Imagine, that means no hope for steady power supply in Nigeria .” Consequently, Chukwuma conveyed his belief that achieving a stable power supply in Nigeria is unlikely.

Ogadagidi Ogadagidi, while reacting, criticized the government, stating, “A failed government without nothing to offer, if there’s steady electricity in Nigeria, this tragedy will not be occurring every time. Increasing poor masses’ suffering on a daily basis. 

A failed government.” Thus, he blamed the government for not providing stable electricity and increasing the suffering of the poor.

Micheal U Chigbu, in his comment, urged Nigerian youths to take action, saying, “Kenya youths are taking their destiny in their hands, what are Nigerians waiting for? To die of hunger and starvation??” Moreso, he compared Nigerian youths to their proactive Kenyan counterparts.

Atobatele Oba remarked, “There are many markets in Lagos. And that may even underscore government achievement in the power sector.” Therefore, Oba saw the plan as a potential indicator of government progress in the power sector.

Bigsam Pelumi, however, remained skeptical, stating, “Una come to think that Nigeria will have stable electricity with what you just read now… never, we depend on generators in Nigeria period.” He emphasized the continued reliance on generators in Nigeria.

Dipo Fagbemi, while reacting, criticized the government’s practices, saying, “Yet, the same government electricity company will still go around collecting electric tariff without supply. Shameless government .” Consequently, he condemned the government for collecting electricity tariffs despite the lack of supply.

Supreme Fashion World observed, “Since Tinubu entered, Lagos State turned into a fire zone. From market to market, AY house, church, and others….” Lastly, Supreme Fashion World suggested that the frequency of fires in Lagos State has increased since Tinubu took office, noting the numerous incidents.

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