By David Olatunji

A federal highway linking Ogun and Oyo states is in a ramshackle condition.

The express road, constructed during the era of Alhaji Shehu Shagari, the first President and Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, has deteriorated significantly.

The dilapidated express road has been a catalyst for numerous tragedies, including fatal accidents and daylight robberies.

Speaking with The Harbinger, Mr. Ibrahim Adekunle, a transport worker in Ogun state, explained the current state of the federal expressway and the impact it has on transport workers who use the road daily.

According to Mr. Adekunle, “We are tired. The road is in a bad and deplorable condition, most especially from Camp bus stop to Odeda local government. Visiting the mechanic workshop has become a daily routine for us.”

He attributed a recent accident on the highway, involving Egba Odeda high school students who are currently hospitalized, to the dreadful condition of the road.

He called for the quick revitalization of the Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) to address the poor conditions of federal roads within and outside Ogun state.

Additionally, Mr. Adekunle admonished the federal government to create separate roads for heavy vehicles to ensure the durability of federal highways.

Our correspondent also interviewed Mr. Kehinde Sesan, a motorist in Ogun state. 

Mr. Sesan claimed that drivers have been making petty repairs with their limited resources. He said, “The bad drainage system has been an impetus to the poor condition of the express road. 

Our government also lacks a maintenance culture. Also, the road is too narrow to be called a federal road which serves as a link to two different states.”

To provide a lasting solution to the poor road condition, Mr. Sesan encouraged the federal government to construct a proper drainage system and dualize the highway, similar to the Lagos/Ibadan expressway. 


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