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The promotion of Major Kingsley Ogbuji, a Nigerian-born officer, to Major in the US Army has sparked widespread reactions across Nigeria. 

The announcement has been met with a mixture of pride, congratulations, and reflections on national identity and systemic issues.

The general sentiment among Nigerians is one of pride and admiration for Major Ogbuji’s achievement. 

Many took to social media to express their congratulations and share their thoughts.

Prince Adewuyi Akinola Oluseun emphasized the importance of strong security leadership in Nigeria, while expressing hope for the country’s future. “Congratulations Boss Man. Na this kain people we should take in to help us with strong security architecture. But hmmmmm. May Nigeria succeed. Amen.”

Purity Ella Ben and Olusoji Ogundele Sojipeculiar conveyed their heartfelt congratulations, recognizing the hard work behind the promotion. “Congratulations sir.” “Hard work pays. Congratulations Gallant man. “

Top fan Simeon Favour reminded Major Ogbuji of the responsibilities that come with his new role. “Congratulations my dear, just that ‘to whom much is given, much is expected.’ Anya n’Ani.”

A recurring theme in the reactions is the discussion around ethnic identity and national recognition, particularly concerning the Igbo community. Chamberlain Maximus Okite and Gift Akeke highlighted perceived biases in how successes and failures are attributed to different ethnic groups. “When it is good news, he is a Nigerian man, but when it is bad, he is an Igbo man from the south-east.” “When he is good it becomes Nigeria, but when it is bad it becomes certain tribes.”

Nwoba Chika Nwoba and Emmanuel Chibuzo West echoed this sentiment, criticizing the media’s role in perpetuating ethnic divisions. “If it’s good news like this, it’s a Nigerian man. If it’s bad news, it’ll be an Igbo man.” “He’s an Igbo man so address him as such. If it’s drug or crime-related issues now, una go rush tag him a Nigerian and an Igbo man.”

EJ Onofe and Louis Utchay O’korie praised the meritocratic system abroad that allows Nigerians to excel. “Nigerians are excelling exceedingly in foreign lands because the leaders abroad provided them a decent environment devoid of insecurity, leadership maladministration, ethnic bigotry, religious jingoism and other vices.” “This man would have been deprived of this promotion in the Nigerian Army just because of his family name.”

Paschal Ojeagbonye reminisced about their shared academic journey, indicating long-standing respect and recognition of Major Ogbuji’s capabilities. “Hearty Congratulations Kingsley. Way back from LARIS Dept, University of Ibadan. More wins Kingsley.”

High Chief Abroad Comedy called for unity and condemned divisive politics. “This is only where you see Nigerians coming together, see how we are all saying congratulations to him from all tribes and religions, but if this were to be in Nigeria, one criminal leader will raise one tribe or religion issues that will divide us.”

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