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Nigerian striker Victor Osimhen recently visited his alma mater, Olusosun Primary School in the Oregun area of Lagos State, bringing along his prestigious CAF award. 

This visit, intended to inspire and give back to his roots, has generated mixed reactions among Nigerians, especially given the backdrop of his recent public disagreement with former Super Eagles coach Finidi George.

The incident with Finidi George saw Osimhen taking to Instagram to refute claims made by the coach that the striker was unwilling to play for Nigeria. 

This public spat has left a mark on Osimhen’s image, prompting diverse opinions from Nigerians on social media about his motives and character.

Akinsola Akintola was critical of Osimhen’s visit, describing it as “a damage control tactic which will prove ineffective eventually.” He added, “I learnt he also donated 15M to a foundation. All these cannot equate good character. 

Osimhen isn’t what he is portraying. Humility and respect are virtues he needs to espouse being a figure many aspiring young players look up to. 

This visit won’t repair the damage he has inflicted on himself through his rash outburst. It won’t take people’s minds off his unruly and impudent act which has brought Nigerian football to disrepute. 

He should display a better sense of responsibility by respecting his elders and not feeding on unverified news.”

Fela Williams Adanri drew a parallel between Osimhen’s actions and the Nigerian leaders’ attempts to control the damage, implying that these gestures are often superficial and insufficient to address deeper issues. He remarked, “As Nigerian as our leaders control the damage they have done to us in the past or they are still adding more to it.”

On a more positive note, Ed Nazareen-GCKson found Osimhen’s gesture impressive, praising the striker for his initiative. “That’s impressive of him!” he said. Similarly, Donatus Lawrence highlighted the humble beginnings of many successful individuals, suggesting that Osimhen’s grace and efforts will speak for themselves. He said, “Nobody that is somebody today. Let your grace speak for you.”

Adekunle Festus offered support, encouraging Osimhen to remain positive, and assured him of God’s backing. “My guy you gat no worries enjoy God dey your back brother,” he commented.

Conversely, Mark Desmond pointed out a potential misunderstanding, claiming that Osimhen discovered Finidi never made the alleged remarks, yet he allowed the misconception to persist. “Do you know Osimhen has found out that Finidi never said those words, yet he left some Nigerians to think it is still true. Our own Portable,” he said.

Edobor Chuks urged Osimhen to apologize to Finidi and Nigerians, warning that failure to do so could harm his market value and reputation. He stated, “Osimhen go and apologise to Finidi and Nigerian, if NFF, ban you, your value will go down in transfer market. Nigeria made, you, you are not the first to receive foreign currency in millions.” 

This sentiment was echoed by Alfred Okonkwo, who stated, “Until he openly apologize to Nigerians just the way he ranted to insult us, he will never regain his love from Nigerians any more. The guy messed up. When he was bullied by Napoli, it was we Nigerians that was fighting for him. He was mute all along.”

While some, like Olachi Unique, dismissed the necessity for an apology, stating, “Any person waiting for apology from u will wait forever,” others, including Kine-bliss Ndegwe, warned of the consequences of pride, remarking, “Pride goes B4 destruction.”

Niyi Afolayan Psalmist defended Osimhen, asserting that the striker will always have the respect of Nigerians despite criticisms. “Osimhen will always have the deserved respect from Nigerians no matter the critics. You are doing Nigerians proud,” he wrote.

Oluwa Fe compared Osimhen unfavorably to Finidi George, emphasizing that it would take a long time and humility for Osimhen to reach Finidi’s level. He wrote, “Even with your CAF award you are still behind Finidi in terms of lure and he will take you long time and humility to reach Finidi level, if we talk of talent on the field of play you’re not even near Finidi.”

Silas Aondongu Ayem humorously noted the heavy security presence around Osimhen, illustrating his status and the benefits of wealth. “Omo so army and police gather to protect this guy. Money good aswear,” he commented.

Ojukwalu Joachin saw the visit as a form of damage control, stating, “Damage control at its peak,” while Alfred Okonkwor reiterated, “Until he openly apologize to Nigerians just the way he ranted to insult us, he will never regain his love from Nigerians any more. The guy messed up. When he was bullied by Napoli, it was we Nigerians that was fighting for him. He was mute all along.”

Samuel Odeke expressed disappointment in the security measures for Osimhen, saying, “Nigeria is a disgrace look at the way soldier and police are following him.”

Olaniyan Tobi compared Osimhen to boxer Anthony Joshua, cautioning against losing focus due to success. He wrote, “Just like Anthony Joshua, he was carried away with the winnings and eulogies… celebrating up and down. He started losing focus, he fight just once a year. He lost his belts. He then start training hard to meet up with some challenges and fights around 2-3 yearly. Osimhen, it’s good to celebrate and pay back to where one hailed but you are not yet a complete successful player until the end of your career… Keep heading up. These people will be there when you are back to them with many more victories. Think about it.”

Olajide Richard emphasized the importance of gratitude and humility, stating, “On your day of joy, don’t forget those who wiped your tears when you cried. When ease comes, remember those who kept you in peace all along. When you become free, don’t care less about how others feel. 

When you become a leader, don’t collapse the ladder. Once it gets to you, extend it to others. The success should not let you forget the process.”

Okolie Banua L expressed concern for Osimhen’s future, writing, “My prayer to you Osimhen is for Nigerians to continue to like your doings, cos if they hate you, it may affect your career ooo. 

Life and death is in the power of tongue ooo. Na so God talk am.”

KC Kelechi criticized Osimhen’s behavior, stating, “He will learn the hard way. 

Till the end of his career he can never lense Finidi’s boot in terms of football.”

Kamalu Shehu shared his disappointment in Osimhen’s recent actions, commenting, “I liked the guy before but because of his recent outburst with Finidi George… he really misbehaved. With his recent arrogant behavior no club will buy him.”

Cômrade Adebare Olarotimi echoed similar sentiments, saying, “This guy needs better advice. Igberaga lo nsiwaju iparun.”

Richard Nyikwagh argued that Osimhen needs to apologize publicly regardless of his philanthropic gestures. “The damage has been done already. 

If he likes he should carry Seria A trophy join, striker award and man of the match awards and show them his former schools. He has to apologize publicly. 

He is still injured so why hurriedly come to Nigeria to donate 15m to a foundation and be going around town to visit schools and hangout joints?” he said.

Nonye Nwakozo expressed continued support for Osimhen despite his outburst, writing, “Osimhen will always remain my 001… When he started the live video, I was like ‘thank God he is trying to explain and clear the misconception fans had about his absence from the qualifier game,’ but immediately he started using some strong words, I was ‘noo na, this is not necessary, you can still make your point without these words.’ I will always wish him the very best irrespective.”

Obinna Okoye defended Osimhen against critics, stating, “Well done my meanest man. Leave those idiots that want to wreck your mental health. When it is their time, let me see how they will react. 

Most of them shouting up and down are domestic violent people, who cannot control themselves in their family and talk more outside. 

“All of them now have turned into a good judge on social media rubbish. 

Please live your life. God will open more doors of opportunities for you. Givers never lack, it is already written in the scriptures. Man’s opinion does not count in life at all. Nigerians’ opinion, in fact, is as useless as anything useless over your life. Bro, the same opinion they had for Regina, but she is balling today and she has become a prayer point for many ladies today. Same opinion for Chioma, Yul and many today. Your success will still make them come back. Be strong in what you do and practice harder to achieve more. Na only success Nigeria knows. They can’t run you down bro!!!”

Saviour Akpan advocated for supporting and encouraging Osimhen, stating, “Just love him and encourage him. He is a good guy.”


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