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Niger State Allocates N5 Billion for Permanent NYSC Orientation Camp and Offers Bonuses

Governor Mohammed Bago of Niger State has announced a N5 billion allocation for the construction of a permanent orientation camp for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). 

To ensure the comfort of corps members, the governor also pledged 20 cows, a trailer load of rice, and a N200,000 bonus for each of the 1,600 Batch B Stream I corps members assigned to the state.

This announcement was made during the swearing-in ceremony for the 2024 Batch B Stream I corps members at the NYSC orientation camp in Paiko, Niger State. 

Governor Bago emphasized the importance of corps members contributing to his agricultural projects and reassured them of the government’s commitment to their security and well-being. 

He also guaranteed immediate employment for corps members working in the medical sector upon completing their service.

The governor’s declaration has sparked diverse reactions on social media, reflecting various perspectives on the initiative.

Izuchukwu Nwachukwu: “Such a young governor mehn!”

Sule Waji Dabai: “That is a welcome gesture, not like other Governors that only consider politicians and political thugs.”

Christian Oloche: “A welcome development. Serving in unsecured surroundings is not a simple task. Maiduguri, Katsina, Zamfara, etc., ought to have done more than that.”

Abdurrahman Mudi: “The governor should also ensure the money reaches the corps members.”

Duza S. B. Kakura: “This is commendable, which other governors should learn from.”

Isaac Grace: “Wonderful, really. God bless him magnificently.”

Fashion Boss: “Omo see luck, young and vibrant governor.”

Godiya Smart Attah: “Capacity leader, keep it up, Your Excellency, more grace, Sir.”

Abraham Mku Achika: “Such a Governor, more blessings, the farmer Governor.”

Adejoh Omachoko: “The corpers no go see nothing… During my stay in one of the states, the governor kindly gave five cows. We never saw fowl legs even.”

Clement Uche: “What are the other governors doing?”

Mamaki Iliya: “This is commendable.”

Sarah Eta: “Impressive. Abi Na Minna I go apply for! Come obtain sense of clothing, the governor is so digital and adorable.”

Peter Brown Alenwu: “Things these people say when they are in front of cameras and microphones. Being this giving implies that the people living in that state are living in paradise. Let Mr. Governor start charity right here at home.”

Akinnibosun Fatai: “It’s wonderful, but government bureaucracy could cause them to not obtain the money until they leave the state. I have to be disproved; time will prove me wrong!”

Emmanuel Inya Okoche: “The camp really needs restoration. I highly respect the Governor.”

Paul Obot: “This is really excellent. Besides, the governor is a young person.”

Goljidang Ritji: “This is a welcomed development, bravo to the capacitated governor. May you live long to help to revive this nation!”

Ever Kennedy: “I hope he is among the governors that will agree to pay the new minimum wages?”

Oluwafunmilayo Obadofin: “I can’t picture the delight in Paiko camp today. Remember our road in Kwamba Suleja.”

Alex Lazarus: “Great job, keep it going Mr. Governor.”

Nwobodo Daniel Ikenna: “This is the kind of Governor every state deserves. Thank you, Mr. Governor Sir; God bless you!”

Ikemefuna Redeem: “Excellent gesture from a man with an excellent heart. With this 200k, the Smart Corps Members would go into tiny businesses that would grow into firms in the closest future.”

Prince Chris: “Lately, I have been hearing wonderful news about Niger State. I understand the man is young, not only young but also someone with good leadership qualities and a fear of God.”

PE T ER: “Such a person should immediately become the president of this country.”

Sanusi Gada: “Paiko, I missed this camp, but I loved serving in Niger, many priceless memories.”

Comr Paul Peter Omeiza: “This is one of the news we would want to hear. He should pay smoothly and ensure the target gets the money.”

Viggbe David: “Toor, let me contact my plug. I want Lagos no more.”

Nnabuike Donfizz Munachi: “No be to promise… Will it make it to them?”

Abdullahi Z Suleiman: “To whom much is given, much is required. Thus, perform good for Niger State to return the kind deed the governor has done.”


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