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Reactions have surged online after the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) confirmed a case of anthrax disease in a mixed livestock farm located in the Niger Delta.

The Federal Government on Monday said the risk assessment conducted by the Human Health Sector showed the likelihood of an outbreak of anthrax disease and the potential impact of the disease in the country is high.


This was made known in a press statement jointly signed by the federal ministry of agriculture and rural development chief Veterinary officer of Nigeria, Dr Columbia Vakuru and the director of General of NCDC,Dr ifedayo Adetifa.

Numerous individuals have taken to social media to share their thoughts and express their concerns about the unfolding situation.

A Facebook user with the name ‘Alilu Musa’, in a reluctant manner, expressed his reservations about accepting any form of lockdown in the future, citing the impact on Nigerian doctors and the country’s ongoing struggles since the Covid-19 outbreak.

Musa said, “They don’t want to start again, Nigerian doctors. If you like, record a million cases a day; we are not going to accept any form of lockdown anymore. Since Covid-19 hit Nigeria, the country has not been able to fully recover.”

Another individual, Abubakar Sodiq Musa, rejected the existence of various issues in the country and made a prayerful plea, “God, please not in 2023 or any year henceforward. May this record be filed away forever and not in human bodies.”

Emmanuel Hussen expressed his confidence that the concerns about lockdowns will be a thing of the past, stating, “I am hearing about it, and we will not hear about it again in Jesus’ name.”

Also, Kehinde Odufuwa lamented the current state of the country and how the anticipation of future lockdowns could worsen the situation, saying, “It’s quite unfortunate. Which one is this again? Despite the bad situation of the country now, God have mercy.”

Comrade Preye Ukori questioned the effectiveness of Nigeria’s health personnel and instruments, suggesting a conspiracy to collect money from the federation account.

He remarked, “New government, new disease. This is another strategy which the ministry of health wants to use to collect money from the federation account. Nigeria even has good instruments. Why is our president moving to France for treatment?”

Njoku Blessing emphasized the sufferings of the masses and their priority should be alleviating hunger and starvation before addressing other diseases like anthrax, saying, “Have the masses not suffered enough? We have this disease that kills more than anthrax – it’s hunger cum starvation. Let’s come out of it, then we can talk about anthrax and other diseases of its kind.”

Moreso, a Facebook user with the name ‘Fred James’ held the federal government accountable for their actions during the Covid-19 pandemic, expressing concern over the potential misuse of funds.

He commented, “The Federal Government wants to steal money again. The Covid-19 funds cannot be accounted for, and now, what the citizens are suffering from this present government is the highest risk to human life. We will take care of anthrax. Let the poor breathe.”

In the same vein, Chika Bants pointed out the ineffectiveness of the health agency in handling outbreaks and questioned the government’s priorities when it came to doctors’ welfare.

He stated, “Why is it when it comes to the outbreak of disease, the government agency in charge of health issues will quickly raise a red flag? But when it comes to doctors going on strike for improved welfare packages, it’s never treated as a pandemic? Well, it’s not alarming since money is involved, and they enjoy medical tourism, and the fear of the outbreak reaching them becomes real.”

Similarly, Kur lfe Terhile expressed frustration and questioned the recurrence of issues like anthrax, saying, “Una don start again, which one be Anthrax.”

Another user named Benson raised concerns about the constant appearance of various issues with every new leader in Nigeria, asking, “Must new various come up with every new leader in Nigeria?”

However, Vivienne Adaugo criticized the government for potential embezzlement and suggested that they should prioritize increasing salaries and improving the lives of poor Nigerians.

She remarked, “New avenue to embezzle our money instead of increasing salaries and bettering the lives of poor Nigerians. God alone will fight the battle for us.”

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