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Nigerians have urged President Bola Hammed Tinubu to renovate the refineries in the country as they grapple with an increase in the pump price of petrol across the country.

The sudden move has been condemned, with many saying it has worsened the economy


Recall that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Limited (NNPC) has announced a fuel price adjustment, raising the pump price to N617 per litre in Abuja. This increase has had a cascading effect, leading to N565 per litre in Lagos, N600 per litre in Port Harcourt, and N568 per litre in Ogun State.


In June, the NNPC announced a fuel price hike attributed to the removal of fuel subsidy. Consequently, the price shifted from its previous N189 per litre to a range of N488 to N537 per litre across various states. This adjustment also impacted independent fuel retailers and distributors.


However, reacting to this on social media, Nigerians on Twitter have pleaded with the President of Nigeria, Bola Hammed Tinubu to renovate refineries to prevent the fuel hike.


Via his Twitter handle, Master G, has criticized the government’s ineffectiveness in improving refineries and putting a stop to importation. 


He stated, “The scheme of arrangements is beginning to fail spontaneously. No one is talking about why refineries are not working. Now, the business is about importation. I think importing petroleum products will stabilize the Naira because in Nigeria, devaluation means valuation.”


Similarly, a Twitter user with the name,  Courageous boy commented, “Let them fix our refineries. By doing this, we don’t have to pay with dollars. The cost of taking it out and bringing it back to our country and paying with dollars will be eliminated.”


Moreso, Johnson Idowu Ariyo stated, “It is a good development. They gave us what they promised us – HOPE. They didn’t promise tangible things. Continue to enjoy your hope.”


Nevertheless, a Facebook user, Love bird, reminded Tinubu about the bill he signed, saying the increase in the price of commodities is a product of his actions. 


He asserted, “That is how the free market operates. Sellers decide on how much they want to sell to buyers without government interference. You should know what you sign for. The irony is that this is now a law. The president can’t just wake up and say he wants to change the law on it.”


In his own comment on Facebook, Pastor Umo Ene used the law of gravity to explain the reflection of Nigeria’s economy, which has gone from bad to worse. 


He said, “It’s a norm in Nigeria; whatever goes up hardly comes down, which is a very disturbing experience and tradition. They are always quick to increase, but when it’s necessary to reduce, they never do that.”


Promise Jos asked a very sensitive question saying, “The Federal Government has not explained what they removed that raised the pump price. We are still waiting.”


The Emperor also questioned the government about why refineries are not working due to inadequate maintenance.


He asked, “Is the Federal Government of Nigeria trying to say that Dangote is richer than it? Dangote built a new refinery. Why can’t Nigeria build one or better still repair the old ones and stop importation of refined products? We can’t continue like this.”


Bolaji Oyinlola lamented, “If I had known that this was the plan Tinubu is trying to explore, I wouldn’t have voted and convinced people to vote for him. This is too much for us poor people to bear. Everything is costly in the market, and we can’t afford things with the little token we have. A renewal of hardship.”


Monica Okeke also said that the tribunal should intervene and lessen the burden on citizens. She stated, “We are praying seriously for the tribunal to save Nigeria from this disaster.”


Bebe Matthew in his reaction urges the government to put an end to this, stating that it is drastically spoiling the economy. 


He said, “The government is hitting its citizens hard without improving measures to alleviate the suffering of the masses. The increase in oil pump prices is what is decaying the Nigerian economy.”

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