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After retrieving $14,000 (more than 21 million Naira) that was inadvertently paid to his account by a foreign crypto dealer, Nigerian young man Anjola Femi has received many compliments and cash benefits.

A graduate of chemical engineering, Anjola told his story on Tuesday, showing the credit alert flooding into his crypto wallet. Originally meant to be paid $100 (about N150,000), the crypto trader @raffayalvi had refunded the money meant for his account in error.

After @raffayalvi’s post regarding Anjola’s honesty on X, the internet community started sending Anjola money as thanks. 

He had received over N7.5 million from netizens by the time this news was written.

Anjola clarified that he returned the money because it did not belong to him; this action has been appreciated both financially and within the crypto community and beyond.

The comments on social media reflect a wide range of admiration and commendations for Anjola Femi’s act of honesty.

Jide Shopekan proposed that honest individuals like Anjola should be given important roles in the government: “FG and states government should take note of people like this and appoint them to positions where honest people will checkmate the activities of criminals in the country. For example, he should be named Deputy EFCC chairman and report directly to the president.”

Comfort Bassey emphasized the value of honesty: “It pays to be honest.”

Lowu Arije suggested an ambassadorial role: “FG should appoint him as a Youth ambassador.”

Victor Edward highlighted the positive example set by Anjola: “This is an example to the world that we have millions of good and honest Nigerians. Kudos.”

Adekunmi Ojo praised Anjola’s character: “He is a good man… and a good example to many of us.”

Sunday Fadahunsi appreciated the positive impact on Nigeria’s image: “God bless him for shoring up Nigeria’s image. More people should emulate him with good deeds.”

Olabode Adebayo Oluwole reminisced about the traditional values of honesty: “Honesty remains the best policy. What we Yoruba are known for in the past is ‘Omoluabi’ but that has vanished in our society now. We lost it to those who always take advantage of you and whatever you have.”

Agber Iorver Victor highlighted the importance of integrity: “Those who laughed at him for being honest to return the money, how far . It’s not every money you have to spend, especially if you don’t sacrifice for it.”

Abdurrahman Mudi distinguished between willingly given money and mistaken credits: “The money they gave you willingly is yours, not the one that was credited mistakenly. May God bless you.”

Victor Lucky expressed hope for the country’s future: “Hope still dey for this country, so far we can still find his type over here…”

Racheal Uc Iwuoha shared a personal experience, contrasting it with Anjola’s honesty: “God bless him immensely, just reminded me how a customer mistakenly sent money for cake to a wrong Opay account, we both had to beg the guy for days but he bluntly refused.”

Samson Sunday Ameh called for others to follow Anjola’s example: “He is a good example of integrity and honesty. Let people emulate him.”

Agbata Julius contrasted ordinary Nigerians’ honesty with political leaders: “We have ordinary honest Nigerians but not those in political leadership. If it’s any of them, the money is gone.”

Anthony Nnaemeka affirmed that honesty pays: “Kudos to him. Indeed, honesty pays a lot.”

Tinaeze Official reflected on the unpredictability of destiny: “I just understand that for this life, no be everybody go make am…”

Oluwatoyin Bello acknowledged Anjola as a good ambassador: “Good ambassador… We are proud of you.”

Owoyemi Clement Adebayo reiterated the reward of faithfulness: “There’s always a reward for faithfulness!! Be faithful!”

Chukwudi Emmanuel Ugochukwu emphasized the rarity of such discipline: “This is a kind gesture you would hardly see our youth display. The boy is disciplined and came from a good background.”

Mebom Paul shared how his upbringing influences his actions: “I was trained not to take what isn’t mine…”

Adeboye Damilare Samuel speculated that even popular figures would be proud: “Even Ashmusy will be proud of you. Well done, bro.”

Kehinde H. S. Olukotun appreciated Anjola’s positive representation of Nigeria: “Kudos to him for being a very good ambassador of Nigeria…”

Bukata Jonathan praised Anjola’s wisdom: “That’s wisdom for him. Good luck.”

Abegunde Kenny Lois valued the peace of mind that comes with integrity: “Now he can enjoy his gift with peace of mind. Integrity!”

Asogya James Israel emphasized that honesty still pays despite political corruption: “Honesty pays and is still paying. Just that Nigerian politicians are doing everything possible to destroy it.”

Desmond Usha suggested institutional pride: “Even the NPF will be proud of him.”

ReportingNaija.Com stressed the ongoing relevance of honesty: “It still pays to be honest…”

Mc FunnyLips called for the news to go viral: “Nigerians should make sure this news goes viral! We are good people.”

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