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The chairman of BUA Cement, Abdul Samad Rabiu, has announced that BUA Cement has concluded plans to lower the cost of its cement across the country.

This development was disclosed on Thursday at the annual general meeting of BUA Cement held in Abuja. The company stated its intention to achieve its target by improving the production capacity of its cement-producing plants.

“By the end of the year, we intend to have two more production lines on stream, which will boost our production capacity by at least 40 percent to 70 million tons.”

However, he assured Nigerians that the company would increase capacity to support the government’s efforts in reducing importation.

Nigerians have reacted to this through their Twitter handles, expressing various opinions and perspectives.

A Twitter user, Abel Ifezie, suggests the demonopolization of the cement sector to ensure adherence to low prices.

“Believe! They will never bring down their prices unless ‘pushed.’ The Federal Government MUST demonopolize the Cement Sector of the Economy. PERIOD.”

In the comment section, Glee David raised concerns about the monopolized power of Dangote Cement, stating that it can’t work without Dangote Cement’s approval.

“What can they do when the Nigerian government gives the power to set prices for cement? Can one person defeat the government? Dangote is the government,” he expressed.

Also, Jameela Ibraheem sees the moves as a good tool for alleviating the poor economy in the country.

“This is one of the possible ways for the masses to be impacted during this time of economic hardship caused by fuel subsidy removal. At least every user of BUA Cement will feel at ease,” she stated.

A Twitter user with the username ZAA suggests that a reduction in the cost of flour will help reduce hunger in the country.

She said, “A reduction in the cost of flour may possibly benefit the poor more in fighting hunger.”

Moreover, Sulieman Yunus emphasizes rice and cement being the most expensive commodities in the country.

“In Nigeria, the most expensive cement and the most expensive rice are the most expensive things in the country. Petrol has no taxes, no services, no education, no health, no security, no water, no sewage. This is supposed to be the most expensive African sanctuary.”

While commenting, Saif challenged Dangote to emulate BUA company’s policy.

“We all knew if Aliko can do it the way BUA is doing, our hardships and suffering in the north won’t reach that extreme high, but unfortunately, Dangote doesn’t have that heart of sympathy.”

Prince Allen aggressively questioned the reason for the high price of cement in the country, suggesting deregulation.

He commented, “What’s good news there? We celebrate mediocrities so much in Nigeria. Cement is 100% local content. Now tell me the reason why we should buy cement above ₦1,500 per bag. And why is it so difficult for the government to deregulate the industry so anyone can produce and sell?”

Similarly, Abdulrazaq questioned the reason for the cheaper price in Benin Republic despite production in Nigeria.

He questioned, “The question we should ask though is why is it so high in the first place? There must be a reason why in the Benin Republic you get it at half the price of what we get here. Though commendable, they should at least tell us why it’s so high.”

Expressing trust in BUA, Aafi Zil recalled the past success of the company.

He tweeted, “I believe he can do it because he has once done it last year during Ramadan when Dangote increased the price of sugar. He insisted that there’s no need to inflict pain on the masses because of the higher demand for sugar during Ramadan. Dangote fumed and was furious about his decision, but the rift was settled.”

While commenting, I Idaqll expressed disbelief in BUA, citing past neglect.

“I can’t remember the number of times this guy and Dangote promised to slash the price of cement, but it never came to pass,” he expressed.

In his reaction, Sanmaj demanded that prioritizing the reduction of food, not cement, should be considered.

“Is cement food? The poor Nigerians need food and not cement. Ask yourself, how many poor Nigerians are building houses?” she stated.

In doubt, Ismail Mustapha questioned the cooperation of the wholesaler and retailer.

“Hope it will manifest accordingly, as most wholesalers and retailers are also not sincere with the final consumers.”

Muhammad commented, “Slashing the price of food items manufactured by BUA is better than that of cement.”

Abubakar Ibrahim also expressed a pragmatic view, “May Allah strengthen your business and bless your wealth as you see a reason to ease it for people, unlike wicked Dangote, who has no mercy other than money.”


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