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The governor of Jigawa State, Umar Namidi, has approved the disbursement of registration fee payments for undergraduate students enrolled in various courses at Federal universities like Federal university Dutsu (FUD), BAYERO University Kano (BUK), Kano State University of Technology (KUTST), and University of Maiduguri.

The government has allocated one hundred and sixty million twenty-four thousand Jigawa State undergraduate students to assist parents with low income in managing the increased registration fees for their children’s education.

Similarly, the council has approved the review of bursary scholarship for the jigawa state indigenes with immediate effect and timing of the bursary payment should be at the beginning of every session when session commences.

Nigerians have taken to Twitter and Facebook to express gratitude, urging other governors to follow the example set by the Jigawa State governor.

Adamu Shuaibu via his Twitter handle commended the state for its effective policy making and implementation, stating,

 “Jigawa State stands out as one of the most stable states in Northern Nigeria with its successful policies and implementation.”

Salami Danni praised the governor’s action and encouraged other states, including the federal government, to adopt similar measures, saying, “I am pleased to hear about this. I hope other governments, including the federal government, will be inspired to do the same. Many people in this country need such support.”

Also, Muhammad Isiaka, a Facebook user, appreciated the northern governors for their positive gestures, while urging the northern central geographical zone to follow suit. 

He stated, “This commendable policy is widespread in the core northern states. The states in the north-central geopolitical zone should also consider adopting this approach to assist students from their region.”

Sharing his insight, Mr. Abdul expressed satisfaction with the governor’s decision and questioned why leaders in his state hadn’t done the same. He remarked, “Governors across the nation are working hard to alleviate challenges in their respective states. I wonder why our governor hasn’t taken similar action. Perhaps he wants to stand out. But these are just my thoughts. Governor Umar Namidi, you are blessed.”

Mohammed Ali Butu, sharing his opinion, through social media, appreciated the governor’s efforts and suggested a 50% reduction in fees to lessen the burden on the masses. He said, “Your efforts are commendable, but our hope is that school fees can be reduced by 50% or even more. This way, the children of ordinary citizens can eventually cover their own fees. Thank you for covering them this time, but who will do it next time?”

While commenting,Zaharadeen Harumu praised the gesture as an example of good governance.

Moreso, Adeyemi Tajudeen advised the Western government to follow the Jigawa governor’s lead, mentioning, “Western governments should take inspiration from this. This is how we can experience the benefits of democracy.”

Olusesan Sunmola also appealed to South West governors to adopt a similar approach, saying, “Lovely and commendable. South West governors, particularly the Ogun State government, should consider implementing this.”

Moreover,Yusuf Kabiru expressed hope that the Kogi State government would adopt this positive gesture.

In his Comment,  Hamisu Kwalam welcomed the development, expressing joy that his children would now attend federal and state universities.

Meanwhile, Ibrahim Shamsu questioned the absence of assistance for Ahmadu Bello University students, asking, “What about students from Ahmadu Bello University?”

However, Muhammad Uan provided additional insight, emphasizing the need for a long-term solution to the country’s challenges rather than short-term palliatives. 

He noted, “While these actions are commendable, we must consider how long such gestures will last. Eventually, the removal of fuel subsidies will have consequences. We need a lasting solution to fuel subsidy removal, not just temporary relief.”


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