In the Adigun-Oke community of Kwara state, a female goat, also known as a nanny, reportedly gave birth to a creature that was half-human and half-goat, referred to as a “kid.” 

This unusual event occurred last Wednesday evening, attracting a crowd of onlookers who were eager to witness the surprising discovery in the backyard of the goat’s owner’s house.

According to Aishat Umar, the wife of the goat’s owner, the female goat actually had two offspring during this birthing, one being a fully-formed goat, while the other resembled a human, except for its ears and hands.

Community leader Pa James Adeoye also commented on the incident, noting that one of the offspring had hair all over its body, resembling a goat, while the other looked entirely human, lacking hair but having human-like teeth. 

Unfortunately, the human-like kid passed away shortly after birth and was promptly buried by the owner upon his return from the farm. 

Meanwhile, the nanny goat was busy caring for the other kid.

Pa James Adeoye mentioned that although the nanny goat had given birth before, such a unique occurrence had never been witnessed in their community, leaving the villagers and even visitors from neighboring areas astonished. 

The incident drew considerable attention, with many people coming to Adigun-Oke to verify the incredible claim that a goat had given birth to a human-like creature.

Currently, the nanny goat and the goat-like kid remain alive, while the human-like offspring has passed away and been laid to rest.

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