BBNaija housemate, Ilebaye narrowly escaped eviction from the house on Monday, following a heated altercation with her fellow housemate, Cee C on Saturday night.

After being pardoned, Ilebaye opened up in a conversation with her housemates, admitting that her recent aloofness might have been influenced by the consumption of whiskey, which she normally doesn’t drink.

This turn of events was welcomed by supports from fans on Facebook, expressing their unwavering trust and optimism for her.

One Facebook user, Ogechi Geraldine, offered words of encouragement, saying, ‘I pray you overcome any challenges that come your way. You’re the star of this year’s show. Keep pushing forward.’

In a comment, Joy Onyekaonwu advised Ilebaye to steer clear of alcohol and instead devise an engaging strategy for entertainment.

Joy stated, ‘Ilebaye, you possess immense grace and potential. My heart goes out to you, and I care for you deeply. Rise higher, but please cut down on alcohol consumption. Come up with a fresh approach that captivates the audience, and you’ll undoubtedly achieve great success.’

Evan Nolis also expressed her relief that Ilebaye wasn’t disqualified, noting, ‘I’m ecstatic she didn’t leave. Perhaps this will encourage some of the other housemates to show her more respect, as many believed she would be disqualified or evicted.’

In another comment, Ajose Stella shared her reason for following the show, saying, ‘Stay in the competition. You’re the reason I tune in. I understand the challenges of competing against older contestants. Remain strong, dear.’

Daniel Miracle advised, ‘If you know alcohol doesn’t sit well with you, drink in moderation and elevate your mental acuity.’

Adding a touch of humor, Prince Emmanuel Ejiga quipped, ‘If alcohol isn’t your strong suit, opt for bottled water instead, Ilebaye.’

Izombi Tamsy conveyed her belief in Ilebaye’s potential to win, stating, ‘Next time, abstain from alcohol. You have the potential to claim victory.’

However, Asaju Samuel criticized Ilebaye for her immature and reckless approach to the alcohol-related challenges.

Samuel voiced his disappointment, stating, ‘Your behavior is immature. You should have learned from past seasons, as alcohol has been the downfall of previous contestants. I hope you escape this predicament, learn from it, and concentrate on your gameplay. The grand prize of 120 million is not insignificant, and every housemate is eager to seize the opportunity.’


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