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The Management of the University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos State, has reportedly increased fees for undergraduate students in the institution, sparking a heated debate on the state of education and government policies in Nigeria.


According to the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU) the new fee structure, which was contained in a statement dated July 20, 2023, indicates a significant increase. 


The union stated, “Students of the institution previously paid 19,000, but management has fixed new fees at 190,250 for students studying medicine while courses that require laboratory and studio, students are to pay 140,250.”


This development has drawn widespread attention, especially from Nigerian youths on Twitter who believe that such a steep fee hike may stifle the educational aspirations of many. 


A Twitter user, Samson Odogwu, expressed his discontent, attributing the situation to the ineffective financial system and policies of the government. 


He said, “The impression one gets from this kind of obscene increment of prices of goods and services and tuition fee, especially from the government establishment is that there is no decorum in our financial system and government vision is false.”


Also, Peter Collins, condemned the government for lacking foresight and measures to alleviate the burden on the masses. 


He stated, “This is total nonsense. Government is taking their hands off every institution without putting forth measures to cushion the effort of the masses. No salary increment, no social welfare package for the indigent among us, it’s an unprepared government to review their policies and strategies.”


In his own reaction, Friday Ihegbedion pointed out that this decision was a result of hasty planning by the administration and called for more thoughtful approaches, including providing palliatives before implementing major changes like subsidy removal.


Also, Leksmi 2 highlighted the negative impact this fee increase could have on the already struggling education sector, suggesting that it might discourage children from low-income families from attending school and perpetuate the perception that education is not worthwhile. 


He affirmed, “They didn’t want poor masses’ children to go to school again, so that no one will checkmate their atrocities, they already make Education not attractive, and that is why Nigerian Youth said SCHOOL IS SCAM.”


Agbogu, taking to the comment section argued that the government’s disengagement from institutions to generate income could lead to even higher prices for goods and services, advising people to adjust their lifestyles accordingly.


Meanwhile, Andy Kar accused the government of using the removal of subsidies as an excuse to exploit the poor and fill their own coffers, alluding to the prevailing sentiment that politicians prioritize their personal interests over the well-being of the people. 


He explained, “Our government is trying to suffocate everyone who voted for BAT, so this is the renewed hope. Everyone is looking for money from poor Nigerians in the name of subsidy Removal. Toh, we wait to hear the hospital’s new price for malaria testing and other illnesses in our Federal hospitals, since now there is competition for the highest to get revenue from the federal government.”


Moreso, Jenifer Clem brought a political perspective, expressing skepticism about the promises made by politicians like Tinubu and advocating for divine intervention to address Nigeria’s challenges.


Moreover, Matthew Joseph lamented the high rate of joblessness among graduates, implying that investing time and money in entrepreneurship might be a more lucrative option compared to pursuing higher education. 


He commented, “You can just imagine that after school you will be looking for work. Is it not better to use that time and money and invest it in business and other things that will pay better than school.”


While questioning the rationale behind the fee increment, a Twitter user, Borngreat argued that it does not reflect any tangible improvement in the educational system. 


“Not that they improved the Educational system o. They went and increased fees for no tangible reason.”


However, a user with the name Royal system acknowledged the imperfections of human complaints and likened them to a constant in life. 


She said, “Everyone shouting Peter Obi should remember that is how everyone in 2015 was shouting Buhari The savior, now we should understand that we need the real savior of the world (God) to take over Nigeria not any man.”

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