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Today marks World Malaria Day, themed “Accelerating the Fight Against Malaria for a More Equitable World.” Designated by WHO, this annual occasion underscores the ongoing need to intensify efforts against malaria, urging individuals, organizations, and institutions to advocate and raise awareness at all levels.

Stakeholders must redouble their efforts to reduce malaria cases and related deaths, particularly among pregnant women and children. Shockingly, in 2022, there were 608,000 malaria deaths globally, with 94% of cases occurring in Africa, and Nigeria alone accounting for 27% of that figure.

This year’s theme calls upon governments, private entities, citizens, and health organizations to actively engage in combating malaria.

In Africa, malaria accounts for 95% of global cases and 76% of deaths in children under five, with Nigeria’s rural areas experiencing a high prevalence due to factors like limited health education, mosquito-friendly environments, and misconceptions about treatment.

Governments and health organizations must prioritize reducing malaria rates through increased funding, education, and localized health messaging. Efforts should include distributing mosquito nets, conducting medical outreaches, and making vaccines and test kits freely available.

By addressing these challenges and promoting preventive measures, we can achieve a malaria-free world that is more equitable for all

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