The Lagos State government has announced plans to distribute food items to 500,000 households across the state through unions and local governments.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu disclosed this initiative as part of efforts to alleviate economic hardships resulting from the removal of fuel subsidy and the devaluation of the naira. 

The governor emphasized the commitment to fulfilling promises made during previous engagements, ensuring citizens have access to affordable food and essential services.

Amidst this development, Facebook users have voiced various sentiments regarding the government’s initiative to distribute food items to households in Lagos State.

From skepticism about the motives behind the distribution to concerns about fairness and transparency.

Emma Okoye suggested that the distribution of palliatives might be a ploy to appease supporters of the ruling party rather than addressing genuine needs.

He said, “I think it’s what people who want APC to be in power want. They will continue to receive palliatives and never see or witness the real thing.”

In his own comment, Davis J Enterprise lamented the allocation of funds towards palliatives, arguing that the resources could be better utilized for more substantial initiatives.

He stated, “All that money wasted on palliative care can be used to do something tangible.”

Also, Martin Chelsea criticized the effectiveness of the distribution system, expressing concerns that local government workers might exploit the situation for personal gain. He cautioned, “You guys should stop all this nonsense and subsidize fuel again. Local government workers will still sell it for 5-5k to the people that are supposed to receive it free.”

Wake Adeyinka highlighted the irony of citizens’ plight despite their support for political leaders, suggesting a disconnect between promises and reality. He remarked, “After selling their votes to these heartless people and still complaining of hunger to them.”

Adding his own opinion, Taiwo Oluwadare echoed sentiments of favoritism, questioning the fairness of beneficiary selection. He remarked, “Same set of beneficiaries all the way.”

Benson Black denounced the distribution process as impractical, advocating for more equitable use of resources for the benefit of all. He argued, “This is practical nonsense, for how long are we going to stop fooling ourselves in this country, those who have not gotten anything all this while were plenty, there are better things to do with the wasted funds that everyone will enjoy from it.”

Tayuba Bello also raised concerns about the exclusivity of the initiative, questioning its reach beyond Lagos State. She queried, “Please is only Lagos in Nigeria what of other state?”

  1. Moreso, Mikel Afolayan criticized the perceived hypocrisy of the government’s actions, questioning the disparity in assistance among households. He lamented, “Not all houses what happened to the rest of the country.”

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