The Abuja Presidential Tribunal has become the center of attention as it postpones its verdict on the petition filed by Atiku Abubakar, the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), challenging the outcome of the February 25 presidential election, where President Bola Tinubu was declared the winner.

The respondents in this case include the Independent National Electoral Commission, President Bola Tinubu, and the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The delay in the tribunal’s judgment has sparked discussions and concerns across social media platforms, with Facebook users sharing their opinions and anxieties about the situation.

We are waiting for the Judgement- Facebook Users

Oleru John voiced his apprehensions, stating, “The judgment of the tribunal would determine how NIGERIANS would react in future elections. If the judgment is partial, NIGERIANS would take the law into their own hands.”

Moreover, Zilly Collins Alieze questioned the reasons for the delay, expressing his frustrations, “Reserved for what reason? This country called Nigeria eeh.”

Gabriel Chidozie, seemingly skeptical, commented, “Even Atiku knows nothing would come out of the Tribunal. He’s a regular customer.”

In the same vein, VeinEzenwata Sunday raised concerns about the integrity of the judiciary, stating, “I’m beginning to believe that the judiciary has been bought over… Which one is reserved judgment?..”

While reacting, a user with the name “Vitus Ojukwu” expressed his suspicions, suggesting that financial exchanges might influence the outcome, “That would be business as usual, Dollars must change hands.”

Raising concern about the issue, Nwachukwu Uloma emphasized the need for transparency, urging, “Hmm….. which one is reserve bikonu. Oga judge spill now… We don’t want it reserved.”

However, McEzzy Dins humorously portrayed the situation, saying, “Business will continue, whoever drops the highest amount wins the case lol.”

A concerned Nigerian, Otelemate Marcson Jr’s comment raised alarm about potential unrest, “Them don dey start… Military please get ready… Nigeria is next.”

JP Nnadozie expressed his dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs and advocated for the division of the country, “They will keep reserving until he finishes his first term and maybe put Obi to somehow confuse you that the judiciary still works. That you can still have faith in one Nigeria. But by then I wonder what would have become of your fate. The earlier they divide this country, the better for every region. If not, we keep going back. Nothing will ever move forward. It’s as simple as that.”

In reaction, Alex Obi voiced support for Peter Obi, seeing him as the right candidate to lead the nation, “We all know Peter Obi is the right man for the job, the most qualified candidate among the last three contestants & should be given a chance to pilot this country, the country needs a capable hand.”he said.

Also, while commenting, Ameh Uroko expressed frustration with the current administration and its handling of the tribunal, “Reserve haha Nigeria is not working under this APC, and the Tribunal who can deliver Nigeria from this mess is still under the bondage of money. Many millions of people have died in the last 8 years of this APC.”

Victor Marcus also called for a swift resolution, fearing further damage to the country, “Stop reserving judgment, finish this thing today, let Tinubu go home and rest. The more time you give him, the more he destroys Nigeria.”

Anthony Ofoegbu shared his concerns about the escalating tension, “Tension is really building up seriously… I see a great tsunami coming to take over Nigerian political space… the court reserving today’s judgment means a lot.”

In her own statement, Miracle Onyebuchi expressed skepticism about the tribunal’s integrity, “The Tribunal is a four-man cabinet, and the majority carry the vote. I just hope they are not corrupt reserving the judgment is just a way of corruption may God save Nigeria.”

Moreso, a Facebook user, Adeniji Olugbenga, offered a pragmatic view, urging for prayers and economic focus, “I have not since 1999 seen any incumbent president being removed by the tribunal in Nigeria; it only happens in the governorship tribunal. So, there’s not much reason to be eager for the day of judgment. Let’s just be praying for provisions not minding the harshness of the economy.”

Debayo Kola expressed his skepticism about the tribunal’s intentions, “Another word for case dismissed, and only those who can read in-between the lines would understand. PBAT till 2027… no, 2031!”

Eze Philip recalled a warning about the potential consequences of certain decisions, “When Datti told you all on channels tv that swearing in Bola Tinubu would end this democracy, you all are still joking. Open your eyes.”

However, Omola Kayode Clement humorously commented on the ongoing disputes between Atiku and Peter Obi, “ATIKU is a FUNNY man. THANK God this DULLARD didn’t win the election, PETER OBI WHO took third in the election wants himself declared as The president. ATIKU Abubakar Wants himself as the winner. Are both of them not confucianists deceiving themselves? We are watching.”

As the nation awaits the tribunal’s final decision, the sentiments expressed on social media highlight the deep-seated concerns and emotions surrounding the outcome of this high-stakes case.

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