Miracle Akubuo 

Eniola Badmus, a Nollywood Actress, defended the removal of fuel subsidy, stating, that “at even 617 per liter, Nigerians are still buying the cheapest petrol in the World.”

This has generated reactions among Twitter users.

Rev Ayanfe Josh emphasized economic inequality, tweeting, “If she compares wages in Nigeria with other international countries, she must compare the wages in Nigeria with other international countries without social welfare from governments to their citizens.”

Also, Austine Worudu questioned Eniola Badmus’s authority, stating, “On what capacity is she capping? As a petroleum minister, MD NNPC, or as a spokesperson of NNPC? Why is it even making news in the first instance.”

Moreso, Doc stressed the importance of infrastructure, expressing, “Assuming Nigeria has good roads, 24 hours electricity, good hospitals, schools, good internet, seaports, and international airports across the country and also obeys the rule of law, believe me, Nigeria will be one of the top 4 best countries in the world.”

Similarly, Tochukwu C Duru commented on the lack of critical thinking, stating, “A lot of educated Nigerians are not educated. We throw away our thinking caps each time issues border on religion, ethnicity, or areas that provide some sort of benefit to us.”

Ale Fabiru also insisted on considering economic stability and capability, stating, “When Nigeria makes this type of comparison, they should also compare the inflation rate, the social services, the energy availability, the unemployment ratio, the salaries earned, the economic potentials, and the overall cost of living in other places.”

A user with the name “Enugu Town” argued, “Nigerians are the lowest paid workers in the world, deal with the wages first before you compare what the price of petrol is somewhere else. We cannot spend what we don’t have.”

UghAustyn Zar compared Nigeria’s oil surplus to Holland’s lack of crude oil and suggested a strategy for generating income, stating, “Holland has no crude oil. Yet they are one of the world’s petroleum trading hubs. Nigeria can do the same and sell cheap to its citizens, then sell to outsiders at $1 or $2 below the international market price to attract them to buy and still make a huge profit.”

Issac Abaessien criticized those making statements to please those in power, stating, “In a bid to get the approval of people in power, we find many people who make statements that would be against the public interest.”

Izuchukwu Mike Obidike highlighted the need to compare workers’ salaries, security, and social amenities, stating, “We compare Nigeria petrol globally, but we can’t compare workers’ salary, security, and social amenities.”

A Twitter user, Mr Tee accused Eniola Badmus of selfishness, stating, “Because you think you have money, what about the suffering Nigerians? Do you put them into consideration when making such alterations?”

Reg compared Nigeria’s minimum wage, percentage of out-of-school children, and unemployment rate with other countries, commenting, “What is the minimum wage in Nigeria as compared to other countries? What’s the percentage of out-of-school children compared to other countries? What is the percentage of unemployed people in Nigeria as compared to other countries?


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