The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) arraigned popular cross-dresser Idris Okuneye, also known as Bobrisky, before a Federal High Court in Lagos on Tuesday, April 2, over allegations of naira abuse and failure to disclose his firm’s transactions totaling N180.7 million.

According to EFCC, Bobrisky was arrested on Thursday and has been held in custody pending the arraignment, which stems from a charge marked FHC/L/244c/2024 containing six counts, with the first four counts centering on naira abuse and the remaining two relating to his company, Bob Express.

The news of Bobrisky’s arrest and impending arraignment sparked a flurry of reactions on social media, with individuals expressing varied perspectives on the matter.

While commenting, a user, Peter Idowu, criticized Bobrisky’s actions, suggesting that if found guilty, they should face the consequences of the law, and emphasized the negative influence they’ve had on society.

He said, “SHE should be charged to court and if found guilty HE should face the wrath of the law.

HE has been a bad example to this generation, Is HE not informed or has SHE not read?”

Also, Antonio Aniekwe expressed skepticism regarding Bobrisky’s arrest, questioning its significance in the face of more pressing issues. 

He remarked, “So people are actually happy they arrested him/her. For spraying money?” 

Say all you want but this is the least of Nigerians’ problems.”

Chinyere Anieke made light of the situation, suggesting that Bobrisky has been in the spotlight recently and jokingly implying that the arrest is a result of being too “hot.

He said, “Heshe just dey hot this period,” and jokingly referred to their recent appearance at an event, “after he danced, sorry I mean she danced to Zazu.”

Smart Eric while not a fan of Bobrisky, questioned the selective prosecution and emphasized the need for fairness in the legal process.

He said, “Is she the first person to do so and nothing happened?”  

If she is prosecuted for this because he is a Man, all others should also be prosecuted.”

Adebayo Oyenusi Silvester: Accused law enforcement of selective prosecution and suggested that many celebrities engage in similar activities without consequence.

He said, “This una selective prosecution does not make the country move forward,” and suggested that many celebrities engage in similar behavior without consequence.

Prince Bryan Ugochukwu Nsobundu: Echoed sentiments of selective prosecution and implied there may be ulterior motives behind Bobrisky’s arrest.

Prince Bryan Ugochukwu Nsobundu echoed sentiments of selective prosecution and implied there may be ulterior motives behind Bobrisky’s arrest.

In his own reaction, Ayoade Taiwo urged thorough investigations by law enforcement, cautioning against targeting individuals unfairly.

Moreso, Onyeso Nations highlighted the prevalence of similar actions at events and questioned the focus on Bobrisky as a bad influence.

Godfrey Chukwuemeke speculated about potential collaboration between Bobrisky and others for publicity, suggesting involvement from the entertainment industry and law enforcement.

However, a user with the name ‘Catine Wisdom Leo’ criticized law enforcement for targeting Bobrisky while ignoring similar behavior from other individuals.

John Kelly also urged Nigerians to remain vigilant and not be distracted by such events, suggesting they are used to divert attention from larger issues.

Kabiru Abubakar Hassan defended Bobrisky, suggesting his actions were a result of recent recognition as the best female dresser.

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