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Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate in the 2023 general election, visited victims of a mosque attack in the Gezawa Local Government Area of Kano State. Obi shared images of the injured victims in hospital beds on his verified X handle on Monday.

The visit prompted a wave of reactions on Facebook. 

AG En CY commented, “All of you knew inside your mind that he won the 2023 election, but he was denied it with government apparatus like the police, court, army, DSS and navy.”

Emperor Bugatti praised Obi’s dedication, stating, “The confidence of that Kano born guy always following Peter Obi right till now defines what loyalty is all about. You know why? He sees the future under Obi and he believes in the dream. Peter Obi is the president Nigeria is looking for. Everyone knows that.”

Daniel Muna remarked on Obi’s actions compared to the current president, saying, “Tinubu claimed he’s the president, but Obi is the one working. God bless you Peter Obi, you will definitely rule this nation and no power can stop you.”

Chinedu Asogwa emphasized Obi’s humanitarian efforts, noting, “He is doing it for humanity not for politics. Obi has a good heart. May God bless and protect him as he moves around amen.”

Oluwalobunmi Ajayi Onabanjo commended Obi’s leadership and anticipated criticism, stating, “Well done worthy leader. May God perfect the healing of the victims. Besides, keep giving Ogbeni R something to write about. I am sure he is already looking for fault in this visit.”

Abdul Waliyu Iya compared Obi to another political figure, expressing, “He is a great man more than Atiku who never for once visited an IDP camp in the North East. Next my vote may be you. You have human sympathy.”

BCASH highlighted the impact of Obi’s actions, writing, “What Peter Obi keeps doing is beyond mere critics. May God continue to bless you abundantly.”

Ammar Muhammad lamented the political situation, commenting, “He is not the president but he’s doing what the president can’t do for the citizens. Maybe we for dey enjoy now if not for the rigging wey dem do.”

Shehu Murtala hailed Obi’s leadership, stating, “I hail you my great leader. You have really exhibited statesmanship. I pray that Allah satisfies all your heart desires.”

Abdullahi Ibrahim expressed gratitude, saying, “I really appreciate the way this gentleman treated people with a deep sense of humanity. More grease to your elbow Sir.”

Obi’s visit and the outpouring of support underscore the ongoing debate about his influence and potential in Nigeria’s political landscape.

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