Miracle Akubuo

The Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, announced his government’s plan to distribute palliatives and introduce initiatives to alleviate the impact of the high cost of living in the country during a live media chat on Thursday. 

Sanwo-Olu stated that “Sunday Markets” would be established in 42 markets across Lagos, offering discounted food items with a capped purchase limit of N25,000 and a 25% rebate. 

This announcement has sparked reactions from Nigerians on social media, with various opinions expressed.

Godsent Austin Ekene criticized the dependency on politicians for sustenance, while Joy Opara advocated for fuel subsidies over palliatives. 

Engr Femi Olayemi emphasized the need for good governance rather than palliatives. 

Alabi David Olalekan proposed strengthening local governments by abolishing the governor position.

Akinola Ogundana commended Governor Sanwo-Olu’s initiative and urged other state governors to follow suit. 

Ibukun Olaiyanda viewed the palliatives as a temporary relief, emphasizing the need for more substantial solutions. 

Isa Adam’s Shuaibu suggested reducing fuel prices for long-term relief.

Oluwatosin Ige doubted the efficacy of palliatives, calling for divine intervention and effective leadership. 

Sola Stephen Ayinlaran highlighted citizens’ basic needs such as education, infrastructure, and employment. Sylvester Joseph criticized the palliatives, alleging selfish motives behind them.

Segun Ameh questioned the accessibility of the plan to the common man, while Seyi Afik expressed discontent and called for better governance. 

Victor proposed investing the money to reduce the price of goods. 

Thomas Shagari suggested various measures to improve the economy, including open borders, subsidy removal, local government autonomy, and minimum wage review.

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