Boluwatife Adedokun

President Bola Tinubu stood resolute in the face of mounting criticism as he defended his administration’s reforms, declaring there was no turning back. 

The president, inaugurated amid high hopes, had sparked a flurry of changes, notably ending the fuel subsidy regime and floating the naira, sending shockwaves through Nigeria’s economy.

“I am happy that the Council is interested in various segments of Nigeria’s economy. We are right in the middle of a challenging stage of our reforms. We have headwinds, no doubt, but we are not going back,” Tinubu declared, reflecting his unwavering stance during a meeting with the Corporate Council on Africa (CCA).

As news of Tinubu’s steadfastness spread, Twitter erupted into a storm of reactions:

A Twitter user, Queen Bee’s words cut through the digital noise like a sharpened blade. “It will never be well with Tinubu and his cartel that are ruining Nigeria,” she tweeted, her anger palpable even through the pixels of the screen.

Ezeuzo Chukwudi, said “It’s his stubborn attitude that will finally remove him,” he mused, imagining a future where Tinubu’s resilience would ultimately lead to his downfall.

Adetola Adesesan Kareem, fueled by frustration and perhaps a hint of personal vendetta, unleashed a tirade against the president, “Omo werey is it well with your hungry father? Do you know the meaning of ‘being well with’? He became senator, two-time Governor of Lagos, and now president of Nigeria. Yet, you assert it won’t be well with a man that your father can’t lace his shoe? Iku lo ma pa e danu tomotomo,” his tweet read, dripping with venom.

Dondadajay chimed in with his own brand of criticism, saying “Don’t mind the MUGU, GOWON is deceiving him that he started war against BIAFRA and won,” he posted, drawing parallels between past conflicts and the current state of affairs.

Meanwhile, Izzi, with a touch of sarcasm, lamented the lack of effective reforms under Tinubu’s leadership. “if it was well with him, he would have made smart, effective, realistic and achievable reforms in the past 7 months that would have alleviated the sufferings. don’t you see the caliber of his following? They are sick as fvck. you can’t give what you don’t have,” Izzi’s tweet resonated with the frustrations of many.

  1. Mighty offered a simple yet cutting assessment of the situation. “This man Tinubu am sure does not even know what is going on,” he remarked, his words echoing the sentiments of many who felt disconnected from the decisions being made at the highest levels of government.


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