The residents of Fomwan street, Heritage area Ogooluwa, Osogbo have lamented over the bad road that has been an albatross to their businesses and causing accidents over the years.

Residents who spoke with this reporter bemoaned how the road has been hindering them from making sales since people are no longer passing through the junction and it is causing low patronage.

The junction of the heritage hotel is mainly affected, the motorcyclists also complained that people rarely pass through the area and it’s affecting them from seeing passengers because series of accidents have happened in the place.

Lawal Idayah, a trader who lamented about the bad road attributed the cause of low patronage to the bad road bewailed that several accidents has occurred in the place because of bad road, stating that people are afraid to pass through the area and its affecting their businesses.

“The road is affecting us and we have complained several times to the government, nothing has been done to it, there’s a time an accident happened and people are afraid of passing here and this as well has caused low sales to us traders”.

Idayah thereby beseeched the government to help construct the road like the opposite road that is under construction.

“You can see that the motorcyclists are idle here because people are not stopping at this junction, and we traders are not also making sales, we’ll be glad if the can help us to do it.” She echoed.

Also, a motorcyclist, Wale Oladosu who spoke worriedly as regards the bad state of the road bemoaned that it has hindered people from passing the place and it’s an impediment to their works.

Oladosu said the road is damaging  bicycles and it has caused them to spend unnecessary money on it .

“We plead the government to help us construct the road so as to make our business go as we want. We motorcyclists here, the road is damaging our bicycles and affecting our businesses, some have had accident and they don’t want to pass here again, they should help us erect gutter so the road can last” 

A resident, Ademola Adekunle also retorted that the road has been there for years and different reports have been written about it, still nothing has been done.

He explained that an accident occurred three days to the time of the interview and it is God that save the victims.

He pleaded with the government to attend to the road as they are constructing the Baruwa road.

However, Ademola Olanrewaju a motorcyclist said, ” We wish they can help us to do this road, we have been making plea but it has not been granted, they should help us so our business can go smoothly, it has become a death trap, from here to Okonfo, some will have accident and get injured.

We are glad that they are doing that road and we will be excited if they can do the one here also because it has caused accidents on different occasions” 

We appreciate the government for the road construction, Baruwa residents.

Meanwhile, the construction of Baruwa estate road, a street opposite heritage area in Ogooluwa, Osogbo has been under construction since the past few weeks, the residents are excited seeing the road under construction and expressed their gratitude to the government.

A trader who sells food at the road side, Oladele Ayoola commended the governor for the work he has been doing on the road for the past two weeks.

She explained that the road has been affecting their businesses for the past six years since it is difficult for bike to pass, showing excitement that the government is working on it currently.

“We are glad they are constructing this road, they are doing it because it has been there for the past 6 years. It is affecting us but there’s nothing we can do because it is our joy to see them constructing the road. The road has been affecting us because passengers prefer to pass another place rather than passing here.

Moreover, Joshua Dominick a resident, appreciated the government for constructing the road, adding that the road has affected them for sometimes.

“The road they are doing is part of their responsibility but they have not done it for the past few years, elites are living here, intellectuals are living here and we have been coping with a bad road”

“We thank God, it’s getting better now, the contract was approved last year December, but since that time we have not seen them doing anything to it. It is the core responsibility of the government”

Dominick therefore urged the government to hasten the work so as to prevent disturbance of work activities in the area.

Boluwatife Adedokun is a passionate journalist, who writes to ameliorate societal ills. As a young journalist, she aims to have a society devoid of corruptions by righting the wrongs with the power of pen. Her enthusiasm towards speaking for the masses has engendered her publication in different national dailies and she wish to be more impactful through her stories.

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