The world’s dirtiest man, Amou Haji died on Tuesday, October 23, 2022, at the age of 94 according to the state media.

The Iranian man was known for not bathing for decades, as he didn’t wash his body for more than a half century and was single throughout his lifetime.

The News Agency of Nigeria, NAN reported that Haji died in a village called Dejgah in the southern province of Fars.

Haji, because of the fear of falling sick refused to bath or let a drop of water get to his body for decades.

IRNA reported that the villagers, for the first time a few months ago, had taken him to a bathroom to wash.

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Facts About Haji, The Dirtiest Man in the World

A short documentary film titled “The Strange Life of Amou Haji” was made about his life in 2013, according to Iranian media outlets.

Amour in his words disclosed that he is scared of water and that’s why he hasn’t taken birth over six decades.

Amour Haji claimed to have not bathed for the past 65 years as at 2011 according to reports, making it 76 years as at the time of his death.

Haji lived alone in Iranian desert , though he claimed not to be comfortable with the situation and needed a partner. He lived in a hole in desert as he possessed no house.

His delicacy is rotting porcupine meat, and he claimed to dislike home-cooked food and is a big fan of non-veg.

Haji loved smoking cigarettes, the cigarettes which are mainly donated to him by the villagers which sometimes were not enough for him and he smoked dried animal dung instead of tobacco. 

Haji believed that he has survived for so long by being dirty without showering with water 

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