Miracle Akubuo 

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has announced a seven-day strike to protest the removal of fuel subsidy and the escalating cost of living

The Assistant General of NLC, Chris Onyeka, stated that the strike is scheduled to commence on Wednesday, August 2, 2023. 

In lieu of this, Citizens are  advised to stock up on essential items ahead of the strike.

However, Twitter users have expressed their lack of trust and confidence in the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), calling them incompetent and unserious. 

Eng Luda criticized the NLC’s past actions, suggesting that they might collect money and stay quiet, similar to what happened in the 2015 era.

He said, “NLC shouldn’t be joking with Nigerians after now,they will collect money and keep quiet like before,after the 2015 era.”

Aremu Ridwan also expressed doubts about the effectiveness of the NLC, stating that they often suspend strikes when invited for meetings with the Federal Government.

“By the time the Federal Government invites them to the meeting on Monday ,the union would suspend the strike as usual.This threat is an empty NLC can’t be trusted.” He noted

“It is time to crush the kakistocracy in the country and allow the patriotic revolutionary Military government to usher in a true people’s Democracy.This country deserves better than this current mess.”

Dr. Real Victaradham called for effective democracy in the country, advocating for a revolutionary Military government to bring about positive change.

Abass and Joseph saw the development as a ploy to gain money for the NLC, doubting the credibility of the strike.

Joseph said, ‘Just a small bribe to the chairman of the labor strike will end automatically today.”

Imran Abdullah accused the NLC of being selfish, stating that they only protest when their interests are affected.

Adeniji Oluwagbenusola pointed out the challenges citizens face in stocking up on food during the strike, given the country’s difficult economic situation.

Yinka Akanbi criticized the timing of the strike, suggesting that people cannot afford to stock food during this challenging time.

Manjil of Nupen questioned how citizens would survive on low salaries and the minimum wage, given the state of the economy.

He said”With which money will we stick home with food?Is it the salaries that have not been paid for months here in the plateau state?or is it with the 30k minimum wage that can barely buy any food norpay the high cost of Transportation?.”

Nwa frosh expressed disbelief in the NLC’s actions, hinting that they might not follow through with the strike after meeting with the Federal Government.

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