President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who will be turning 72 on March 29, 2024, has humbly requested that well-wishers refrain from lavish celebrations as he marks this significant milestone in his leadership journey.

In a statement conveyed by his aide, Bayo Onanuga, Tinubu underscored the importance of this day in his personal and political trajectory.

Responding to a suggestion advocating for celebration, acknowledgment was made of Tinubu’s accomplishments, yet it was juxtaposed with dissatisfaction over perceived shortcomings of his administration.

However, this has sparked reactions on Facebook, mirroring the sentiments of many disillusioned Nigerians concerning the current state of affairs in the country.

A Facebook user, Ilo Stephen succinctly captures the widespread frustration, shedding light on the harsh economic realities: “Na news be this baaa, Do you know how many Nigerians that have forgotten their date of birth because of the excruciating bad Economy?”

Also, Ablaq Sammy Alfred mourns the absence of visionary leadership, echoing a prevailing sense of disappointment: “Our leaders are not having vision seriously d minds of every Nigerian na same,no need to skip,15.8billion go do.”

In his own reactions, Abayomi Soremi stressed the imperative of genuine leadership, advocating for tangible change rather than superficial gestures: “ko kanye! the only thing that changes my perspective of you is right leadership not some birthday skipping gimmicks.”

Moreover, Chris E bery delivers a scathing indictment of perceived corruption and neglect of the populace’s welfare: “Nonsense Publication who cares anyway…..he came to Steal, embezzle & destroy A man of about 85yrs deceiving himself OGA Park Well Abeg.”

User Sunday Integral adopts a sarcastic tone, illustrating a sense of apathy towards Tinubu’s actions: “If he likes, let him skip his’ break-fast and go on empty stomach for 30 days.”

Boluwatife Adedokun is a passionate journalist, who writes to ameliorate societal ills. As a young journalist, she aims to have a society devoid of corruptions by righting the wrongs with the power of pen. Her enthusiasm towards speaking for the masses has engendered her publication in different national dailies and she wish to be more impactful through her stories.

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