Elon Musk, the CEO of X(formerly Twitter), has electrified the platform with revolutionary updates, sparking a wave of excitement among users.

As the mastermind behind SpaceX as well, Musk announced on Thursday a game-changing shift: accounts with 2,500 verified subscribers will now unlock premium features at no additional cost, while those exceeding 5,000 subscribers will ascend even further with Premium+ privileges.

The billionaire entrepreneur, who acquired X (formerly Twitter) in 2022, shared this exciting news via his X handle, inciting a flurry of anticipation and applause from the community.

Musk’s announcements have sent ripples of excitement throughout the X platform.

X Premium subscription offers a plethora of benefits, including reduced advertisements, participation in revenue sharing, and access to additional features.

Meanwhile, X Premium+ subscription elevates the experience with exclusive perks such as an ad-free environment and priority reply privileges.

In a move to democratize access to advanced features, Musk confirmed on Wednesday that the Grok AI chatbot, previously exclusive to X Premium+ users, will soon be accessible to all Premium subscribers.



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