A Federal High Court in Kano has ordered the eviction of Emir Muhammadu Sanusi II from the Kofar Kudu Palace, while a State High Court has simultaneously restrained police and security agencies from carrying out the eviction order.

On Tuesday, the Federal High Court instructed the police to ensure that all rights and privileges due to the 15th Emir of Kano, Aminu Bayero, be accorded to him as the rightful Emir of Kano. Justice S. A. Amoeba, who presided over the case, issued the ex parte order emphasizing that it was in the interest of justice and the maintenance of peace in Kano State.

The Federal Court’s order included:

An interim injunction preventing any harassment, intimidation, or infringement on Emir Aminu Bayero’s rights.

A directive for the eviction of any illegal occupants from the Emir’s Palace, Kofar Kudu, to allow Bayero full use of the palace.

The suit in the Federal High Court has been adjourned to June 4 for further hearing.

However, a State High Court sitting at Miller Road has issued a conflicting order. 

This court has restrained the police, Department of State Services, and the military from evicting Emir Muhammadu Sanusi II. 

The case was brought by Sanusi II alongside four Kano kingmakers: Madakin Kano Yusuf Nabhani, Makaman Kano Ibrahim Sarki Abdullahi, Sarkin Bai Mansur Adnan, and Sarkin Dawaki Mai Tuta Bello Tuta.


Nigerians React

The conflicting court orders have ignited a heated debate on social media, particularly on Facebook.

A Facebook user, Swingle Sheard commented, “Make them allow this man rest na. This Federal government forbids good people in power. Sanusi is a man of integrity. He’s fulfilled even without an Emirate Position.”

Comrade Oghene Emmanuel also said, “Battle of the courts. See how our politicians useless the courts and judges.”

In his own comment, Paul Oluwanifise Seramo expressed frustration with the judiciary, stating, “Court don finish for Nigeria. The Judiciary in Nigeria needs to be overhauled totally. Be like na quacks dey operate courts.”

Monday John Otuwe criticized the lack of judicial independence, saying, “Nigeria’s problem is the judiciary. Where is the independence of the judiciary when political actors control their affairs? Same court, different verdict. The FG High court is controlled by the presidency while the state court is controlled by the Governor. Very unfortunate in this country.”

Audu Gambor Akor also suggested, “I would have suggested INEC should conduct a traditional election so the good people of Kano could opt for their Emir, but there’s no difference between INEC and those causing problems in Kano. INEC might even end up declaring the Oba of Lagos as Emir of Kano.”

Abubakar Salihu Committee pointed out jurisdictional issues, “In the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Federal government has NO right to interfere in ‘Chieftaincy’ matters. This is entirely not their jurisdiction.”

Benteke ThankGod proposed stringent judicial reforms, “I wish they can amend Nigeria’s constitution and give withdrawal of license and 20 years’ imprisonment for any judgement without the backing of the constitution.”

Anyanwu Anaelechi cynically remarked, “Believe me, the people that created this country called Nigeria created it as a movie series. They just sit comfortably in the UK and are using us to entertain themselves and also remoting this country to their own taste of happiness.”

Good Sailor lamented the political interference in traditional matters, “See what they’ve reduced Kano emirate to. A sad one for the political gladiators from that state.”

Gabriel Laminga criticized the judiciary’s role in national issues, “The day Nigerians know that all these high court, low courts are Nigeria’s number one problem, Nigeria will move forward. Fantastically corrupt judges! At last, it is the courts that will set NIGERIA ablaze!”

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