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Ismaila Biliaminu Manne, editor of the Harbinger News and a graduate of Usman Danfodio University, has been selected to participate in the prestigious 2024 African Liberty Writing Fellowship (ALWF).

Manne received his selection email in the early hours of Friday, 24th May, congratulating and informing him about his selection and how the qualified top performance on a five-week training program would be inducted at the ALWF.

African Liberty is a nonprofit organization that promotes individual freedom, peace, and prosperity in Africa, through civil discussion and debate about social, legal, economic, and world issues affecting Africans, and also, an editorially independent platform powered by African Students For Liberty (ASFL).

The organization, founded in 2007, is a project of the Cato Institute and IMANI Africa, thereafter the Atlas Network, which identifies and trains young promising African freedom advocates in professional critical writing and helps them kick-start careers in journalism and public policy by working with Africa-focused think tanks and partner media outlets.  

The organization works with these young journalists and experts in politics, economics, culture, and philosophy to bring fresh perspectives towards Africa’s prosperity and liberty.

The selection email

Fortunately, the Harbinger Editor, Biliaminu Manne, has been selected for the fellowship and has to undergo an online five-week op-ed writing program, before being inducted to the African Liberty Writing Fellowship (ALWF).

The African Liberty Op-ed training program is an intensive course designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to become effective opinion editors and advocates for liberty. 

Before his selection, Manne was appointed as an Editor of The Harbinger, and was an online editor of Gamji Press, UDUS; a campus Press outlet at Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto during his undergraduate program. 

Biliaminu Manne React

In an interview, Manne explained that his application for the fellowship was driven by his strong commitment to human rights and individual liberty. “I’m an advocate of individual liberty, a free market economy, and the independence of every citizen to thrive and achieve their dreams,” he said.

Manne noted that although he applied in 2023 but was not selected, he still had the opportunity to participate in the Journalism for Liberty Fellowship by The Liberalist that year.

He noted that throughout his time as a fellow liberalist, he won several opportunities that aligned with The Liberalist Centre’s mission. 

This includes becoming a student of the John Galt School, where he studied Objectivism through a platform called Objectiversity.

He also received a scholarship to train at the Objective Standard Institute on “How To Write Powerfully in Defense of Liberty” and has been selected to participate in the Journalists and Writers Foundation (JWF), granting him the privilege to attend numerous national conferences and workshops.

Reflecting on his learning experiences, Manne said he gained valuable skills in writing op-ed articles during his fellowship at The Liberalist Centre. 

Expressing his excitement and anticipation for the program, Manne stated, “As a selected intending fellow, I expect to do the needful and be among the top performers. Though my priority is to learn from African Liberty, and I can’t wait to be her Writing Fellow. One thing I’m confident about is my background knowledge of op-ed writing, so this is going to be an advanced learning avenue for me.”

He added that he hopes to gain comprehensive knowledge of the intricacies of op-ed writing, including ethical standards, principles, and the editing process. 

Manne’s works have been published in various national and international media outlets, such as Campus Reporter Africa, The Liberalistmag, Daily Trust, Nigerian Tribune, International Policy Digest, the Harbinger, and Peoples Daily Newspaper, ObserversMag, among others

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