Backlash Against President Tinubu’s Firm Stance on Reforms Amidst Hardship

Boluwatife Adedokun President Bola Tinubu stood resolute in the face of mounting criticism as he defended his administration’s reforms, declaring there was no turning back.  The president, inaugurated amid high hopes, had sparked a flurry of changes, notably ending the fuel subsidy regime and floating the naira, sending shockwaves through Nigeria’s economy. “I am happy […]

‘Palliatives Are Not the Solution’- Nigerians React to Governor Sanwo-Olu’s Palliative Distribution

Miracle Akubuo The Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, announced his government’s plan to distribute palliatives and introduce initiatives to alleviate the impact of the high cost of living in the country during a live media chat on Thursday.  Sanwo-Olu stated that “Sunday Markets” would be established in 42 markets across Lagos, offering discounted food items […]

The Ripple Effects of Single Parenting on Children

Single parenting, a reality faced by millions of families worldwide, carries with it a myriad of implications for the children being raised in such environments. From emotional challenges to academic struggles, the effects of single parenting ripple through the lives of these young individuals, shaping their experiences and influencing their development in profound ways. Single […]

The Adverse Effects of Digital Devices on Child Development

Bukola Kuteyi The current generation, often referred to as Gen Z, grapples with academic hurdles and moral dilemmas due to their heavy reliance on digital devices like phones, laptops, and iPads for entertainment and social connection. Highlighted in a Hindustan Times article, research illuminates the troubling impact of early exposure to digital gadgets on children’s […]