Terseer Waya, widely known as Kiddiwaya and a participant in Big Brother Naija All-Stars, recently shared his view that none of the female housemates possess qualities that align with being a good wife. 

In a conversation with Pere on a Monday morning, Kiddiwaya expressed his intention to keep his distance from the female participants due to their apparent lack of essential domestic skills, including cooking and cleaning.

Kiddiwaya stated, “The behavior displayed by these women in the past two weeks has led me to the conclusion that I am not interested in pursuing any connections with them. I do not have any desire to engage with anyone here.”

He went on to add, “I have yet to observe any of them engaging in cleaning activities or displaying traits that would be indicative of a potential spouse.”

Despite this, Kiddiwaya expressed contentment with his girlfriend, noting, “I am in a relationship with someone who surpasses all of them by a significant margin.”

This statement garnered disagreement and opposition from Nigerians, who expressed their views on Facebook.

Ghazili Yakubu shared his perspective via his Facebook page, asserting that both male and female participants lack qualities of a good partner.

He said, “It’s not just the females; the males also lack these qualities, except for their fans. They promote immorality in the name of money.”

Similarly, Fredrick Nwaja commented, questioning the validity of Kiddiwaya’s statement. He remarked, “What does he know about being a good partner? He wasn’t as concerned about this before, especially considering his history with Erica. Suddenly, he’s an expert on relationships.”

Azubuike Jude raised a question about the purpose of the housemates’ presence on the show. He pondered, “Are they here to find partners or make money? What role does the concept of a ‘wife material’ even play in the context of BBNaija?”

Clauthilda Ngahlem expressed support for Phyna’s previous comment about Kiddiwaya’s viewpoint. “Phyna was accurate in her assessment of Kiddiwaya’s understanding of ‘wife material.'”

Simeon Yohanna Nuvalga noted that the female housemates in BBNaija are well-established celebrities and may find it challenging to exhibit qualities traditionally associated with a good spouse. He stated, “These women are all prominent celebrities with their own unique personalities. It’s unrealistic to expect them to embody qualities of a ‘wife material’ while in this environment.”

In opposition, Olatunji Adeniyi Olusegun questioned whether Kiddiwaya himself possesses the qualities of a good husband. He remarked, “Is he a ‘husband material’ himself? Like attracts like.”

Ale Adewale added humor to the conversation, asking, “Is this the place to find a life partner anyway?”

Dumka advised Kiddiwaya to focus on winning the ultimate prize and not to dwell on the concept of finding a partner. “Focus on the grand prize and forget about searching for ‘wife material,’ unless you want them to serve you breakfast.”

Gloria Olebunne reminded everyone that the BBNaija house is not an appropriate setting for making judgments about someone’s potential as a spouse.

She stated, “We shouldn’t expect them to engage in activities that qualify them as ‘wife material’ in this context. Their main purpose here is to hustle and compete.”


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