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The Best graduating student of the Department of History and International Studies at Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba Akoko, Otache Sulieman Abubakar, has said  that despite not attaining a First Class, the experience and knowledge gained serve as a stepping stone for his future.

Abubakar, who  graduated with a CGPA of 4.40 in the department, reveals plans to impact the world through international relations.

In an interview with Harbinger Reporter, Abubakar spoke about his goals and highlighted how his exceptional grades align with his aspirations for a successful start-up.

“I aimed for it from the very start; funny though, I also aimed for the overall Best Graduating Student. In the first semester of 100 level, with the hard work I put in, I came top of the class with a 4.68 GPA, a perfect start for me. Fortunately, I graduated with a second class, but I am still grateful to God for everything.” 

“All I can say is that I did my best, and all those around me knew how well I studied effortlessly. The last semester was my best moment in school, representing the faculty of Arts in the Sug and Campus Journalist Inter-Faculty debate to a 2nd place position and securing first and second positions at two other competitions outside the school.” Suleiman told Harbinger Reporter.

When asked if not attaining a First Class has limited his ambition, Abubakar said, ‘Not at all, it rather put in me a fresh desire to see what I have been able to achieve through the help of God and family as a stepping stone for the future. What I have acquired during the course of my learning in school has been impactful, building in me the requisite knowledge and skills to further develop myself and improve the world around me, leaving it better than I met it.’

Meanwhile, he disclosed his long standing interest in the diplomatic field, having taken the JAMB exam twice before finding his passion in history and international studies, noting that family and faith have been significant motivators throughout his academic pursuit.

Abubakar noted that his commitment, dedication, and the zeal to be successful in life have always been his watchwords, stating that his family and God have always been his motivation for achieving a successful goal.

“My first motivation was my family and also God. Knowing my humble beginning, I saw the opportunity of gaining admission as a whole process of turning things around for good and not failing God and my generation. Hard Work, Dedication, Commitment, and Diligence were my watchwords to achieve this much.”

Aside from his personal academic development, Suleiman also serves as a tutor in the department, helping students overcome academic challenges and preventing failures.

“I mentored over 100 students across the levels in the department through tutorials, suggesting adjustments and what needs to be done.”


Reading ahead during holidays helped meAbubakar 


According to him, he used his time judiciously, reading ahead during holidays, which has helped him in his academic achievements.

“For me, upon getting admitted, I saw that the rest of my colleagues were either occupied after school with other things that took time. 

I decided that to be ahead, I have to spend much of my time on reading and accessing materials that could be helpful. I would say that the distinguishing factors were the time and resilience I put into each semester. By 200 level, I understood that I have to be better than myself each semester.”

When asked how he coped with some lecturers’ strict marking guides, he advised understanding a lecturer’s approach and how they wanted questions answered, emphasizing the importance of attending classes and reading with a view to understanding the material.

“For me, I was able to understand how each lecturer approached the courses they took, and by doing this, it was easier to meet my goal each semester of maintaining a 4-point grade point that would be along the line of a first class. My best semesters were 300 seconds, where I had a 4.66, and 400 level first semester, where I had a 4.6.”

Financially, Abubakar acknowledges God and his sponsor, Mr. Otache S. Alhaji, for supporting him. 

He faced challenges in his early academic years but remained undeterred.

“My struggles aren’t different from what most students face in school. For me, I wasn’t deterred by it, and it only spurred me to give my best so that all efforts and challenges faced would not be a waste.”


Advice to students and Impacts to society


He advises students to know their origins and the purpose of their existence, emphasizing discipline, hard work, diligence, and resilience as keys to success. He encourages them to read not only to pass exams but also to develop themselves for growth.

Highlighting his impact on society, Abubakar built a network and mentored students through competitions. 

He sees his degree in History and International Studies as a tool for positive change and aims to continue impacting lives in various capacities while constantly developing himself.


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