Miracle Akubuo 

President Bola Tinubu is set to inaugurate the Aba-based Geometric Power Plant on Monday, February 26. 

Concurrently, three roads rehabilitated by the administration of Governor Alex Otti will also be inaugurated: Omoba, Jubilee, and Queens Streets in Aba.

However, reactions have poured in on social media as regards the recent development.

Aloefuna Chinoso questions Tinubu’s credibility in commissioning projects, saying, “What is the significance of Chief Tinubu commissioning the project? If he wants to commission projects, he should build them and then have the moral right to commission. Pls tell me one project Tinubu has built since he resumed office?” 

In contrast, Francis Ngbor commends Governor Alex Otti’s achievements, saying, “Governor Alex Otti has really done well in the shortest period of time in office, and I wish other Governors will take a leaf from him and improve their states. Kudos to him.”

Expressing optimism, Ovcas Vic praises Tinubu’s efforts despite present challenges: “May Tinubu succeed, I see this government make an unprecedented breakthrough in the long run. 

Notwithstanding the present hardship, I envisage a bright future from Tinubu’s policies. 

Let’s be Patient Nigerians!” Conversely, Emenikeag adds a satirical comment: “We plead the blood of Jesus around that power plant; no Evil hands that will come for that commissioning will make the plant not work again in Jesus name Amen.” 

Similarly, “Igbomarryingigbo” asserts: “We cover that plant with the precious blood of Jesus.. Amen.”

In his contribution, Focus advocates for more developmental projects: “These are projects we should be doing and not feeding people like we are in concentration camps.” 

Additionally, Akinto extends congratulations to the people of Abia state.

Furthermore, Proz queries Otti’s achievements in such a short timeframe, “How’s Otti achieving all this in such a short timeframe?” 

However, Refus Marns urges emulation by other state governments, stating, “Good example if that’s the only thing your people can benefit from, let the other looting governors take examples from him.”

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