Education Na Scam: Expert View

Over the years, the phrase “Education na scam” has become a common colloquialism among Nigerian students. Some argue that this trend stems from the government’s neglect of the education system, while others attribute it to the lack of employment opportunities, which has led people to question the value of education. In this interview with an […]

Government’s Role in Education: A Call for Reform

Miracle Akubuo The government plays a vital role in steering and controlling the affairs of a state or country. However, in Nigeria, the government’s performance can be perceived in two contrasting ways: as either good or bad. So, where does Nigeria stand? Nigeria is a blessed country, rich in assorted resources, unique languages, diverse cultures, […]

“Education Na scam”: Illusion or Reality, Students React, Experts Speak.

Nigeria, the giant of Africa has been experiencing a retrogressive setback in the educational sector over the years, its pathetic situation is something worthy of notice. The regress in the educational sector is tiring and annoying. It is of no news that the economic situation of Nigeria has dampened the educational sector and some people […]