The popular comic actor, Femi Ogunrombi, popularly known as Papa Ajasco is dead.

Husseini Shaibu, a theatre professional, confirmed his death on Sunday via his Twitter handle.

“I have just been reliably informed that the ethnomusicologist, former Music Instructor with #NATIONALTROUPE, and once stand in for the ‘Papa Ajasco’ character on the popular #waleadenugaprod comic series ‘Papa Ajasco’ Mr. Femi Ogunrombi is dead,” he wrote.

“I am told that the actor, singer, highlifist, and trained nurse whom we fondly called ‘Uncle Ogurombo’ (not to his hearing though) passed away on this evening (Saturday)” “Papa Ajasco and Company Reloaded” discusses rape, child abuse, and early marriage My marriage…with Papa Ajasco

Ogunrombi was well-known for his role in the comedy series Papa Ajasco that was directed by Wale Adenuga.

When the previous character, Abiodun Ayoyinka, left the show, Ogunrombi assumed the role of Papa Ajasco.

Some Facts About Papa Ajasco

 Ogunrombi was ostensibly quite possibly of the most popular Nigerian comic entertainer. He depicted the famous comic Papa Ajasco on TV as a substitute for Abiodun Ayoyinka in 2006 after he pulled out of the show.

The Papa Ajasco series, which focuses on the Ajasco family and their collaborations with others, is a Nigerian family TV sitcom made by Wale Adenuga in 1996.

Ogunrombi played the lead character as the uncovered headed indiscriminate spouse who minds less of his wife, Mom Ajasco, and his naughty child, Bobo Ajaccio.

He likewise left the job in December 2008.

Ogunrombi, who was likewise a comedian, filled in as the head of Nigerian public music for around 10 years.

He was the Overseer of Studies at the Pencil Film and TV Center in Lagos.

An indigene of Abeokuta, Ogun State, Ogunrombi was brought into the world in Ife, Osun State, and later move to Lagos during the 1970s with his folks.

He concentrated on Nursing in 1975 and rehearsed at the Overall Emergency clinic, Ikeja, Lagos, for a brief period.

In the wake of checking out music and artistic expression, Ogunrombi returned to school during the 1980s to concentrate on Emotional Expressions at the Obafemi Awolowo College.

At the OAU, he established and directed a choral gathering called The Ayoro Voices. This gathering was the social picture of the college somewhere in the range of 1980 and 1983.

In 1994, he enlisted in the Public Group of Nigeria, under the Service of Data and Culture, as Music Educator. In spite of ascending to the place of overseer of music at the service, he passed on the public authority to seek after his own music business.

He had functioned as a musicologist for over 30 years.

The late Daddy Ajasco was a beneficiary of numerous nearby and worldwide honors, most prominently in 1995 when he was granted a gold plaque and a Confirmation in Imaginative Structure in North Korea for playing out a melody in that language.

Ogunrombi is supposed to be hitched and favored with, somewhere around three, youngsters. Nonetheless, subtleties of his age and number of kids are not yet checked.

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