Mohammed Taoheed

The Securecycle Environmental and Climate Change Initiative is set to launch an intensive training for unemployed women in low-income communities of Abeokuta, Ogun State.

The Founder and Executive Director of the not-for-profit foundation, Mr. Emmanuel Kilaso, made this known in an internal memo released earlier today.

Securecycle Initiative is an Ogun-based organization that is committed to raising the quality of education in the country through recycling methods.

“In a bid to embrace equity and promote gender equality, our initiative wishes to support women with this vocational skill so that they will be economically stable to an extent,” Mr. Kilaso said in an interview.

The founder of Securecircle, Emmanuel Kilaso

The founder explained that the training is basically for women who have special interests in fashion and are keen about social impacts for development, adding that the training will hold for three months and will be an intensive one.

When asked about the fees, Kilaso said that it is absolutely free because his organisation is not profit-oriented.

“The training is free. We have secured a sewing machine that the women can use for practice. Proficient fashion designers are available to teach them with different styles and the needed materials have been gathered already”

“As an organisation that is passionate about climate solutions, the bag to be produced are designed in line with recycled wastes and I hope that beneficiaries of this project, who are women with little or no source of income to sustain their families, will like it,” he concluded.

Kilaso told this outlet that the project is funded by the MSII SDG Funds.

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