By Abdulraheem Muhammed Olarewaju

At the inauguration of 22 judges of the Court of Appeal and 12 for the FCT High Court in Abuja on Wednesday, Chief Justice of Nigeria, Olukayode Ariwoola admonished the new judges that the best way to serve is to make the people feel safe and trusted.

Appearing before a rapt audience in the solemn event held at Abuja— with the mix of dignitaries, legal luminaries, and freshly inaugurated judges.

As he spoke, the air was heavy with expectation. His message was the court exists to serve the people, not the judges themselves.

The speech exuded urgency: emphasizing the weight of their new positions that, “the best way to serve is to make the people feel safe and trusted.” Charging the number of judges being sworn in, he explained this as a result of the nation’s difficult circumstances driving up litigation.

His comments were supposed to motivate morality and a dedication to justice, free from feelings, emotions, or covert influences.

However, on the Facebook page of the Daily Trust, comments flooded in as soon as the news broke, revealing a great reservoir of public sentiment and frustration.

In his reaction, Facebook user, Sani Ibrahim was quick to express his sentiment. “It’s common knowledge that justice in Nigeria is for the highest bidders. It’s also apparent that there’s no justice for the common man,” He wrote. Sani’s comment captured the prevailing sarcasm about the judiciary: a belief that the scales of justice were tipped in favor of those with deep pockets.

Ukoh Jemimah Mafuyai-Pukuma, another netizen added, “Don’t worry, all of you will account for your actions before God sooner or later.” Her remark underscored the belief that ultimate judgment lies beyond human courts, hinting at a divine reckoning for perceived injustices.”.

In another skeptical comment, Olamilekan Lancelot expressed a vivid metaphor to illustrate his point. “We keep hearing this kind of admonition every day, but things keep getting worse. A dirty pipe cannot produce clean water,” He commented.

Like Sani, Ukoh, and Olamilekan. Many Facebook users are kicking against the demand of the chief justice of Nigeria. 

“Your Lordship, it’s very unfortunate how your boys are no more serving the people; rather, they’re only serving themselves,” Abdulkadir Saleh Maikudi, another Facebook user lamented.

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