The Governor of Oyo State, Seyi Makinde, has expressed his pride and satisfaction as he congratulated his daughter, Tobi, on her graduation from Yale University.

Governor Makinde shared the news via a social media post, including a photo from the graduation ceremony. “Congratulations, my darling Tobi, on your graduation from Yale University yesterday,” he wrote. 

“Your hard work and diligence paid off. Wishing you all the best as you embark on a new chapter of your life, and I’m also glad that I have one less school fee to pay.”

The announcement has sparked mixed reactions among Nigerian youths, who are critical of politicians sending their children abroad for education while neglecting the local educational system.

In a Facebook post by Punch News, Nigerians shared their diverse opinions. 

Anietie Ekop, while congratulating Tobi, highlighted the need for the government to invest in local education. “Congratulations, Tobi. I think Oyo State can own a university that is better than Yale, at least for our citizens. The common man and our educational future are totally hopeless if our leaders continue sending their children abroad for studies,” he commented.

Kingsley Onih echoed this sentiment, stating, “That is the reason why education in this country will not improve and much attention will not be given to it as supposed.”

Adewale Adegoke Akeeme added, “When was the last time a British person came to Africa to study? It’s a big sign nothing good can come out of Africa if our so-called leaders are not engaging our local institutions. Where is the hope for the common man?”

Sheriff Atolagbe emphasized the need for leaders to set an example: “Their children always study abroad; how do you expect them to fix education in Nigeria? We need leaders who can lead by example.”

Oluwafemi Jnr underscored the frustration of many, stating, “Once you hold a public post, all your family members must school and stay in the country you govern. It’s a very sad state that this has now become the norm. They neglect the educational system here and give their children the best abroad with the money they make from here.”

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