By Daniel Akinte

Mojisola Hunponu-Wusu, founder of Woodhall Capital, recently ignited a virtual discourse following her revelation that despite two decades of marriage, she has never taken on the role of cooking in her household. 

The disclosure, made during a conversation with Ifedayo Agoro on “The Diary Of A Naija Girl” podcast, shed light on Hunponu-Wusu’s perspective, attributing her lack of culinary involvement to time constraints rather than a lack of desire.

“I don’t get to cook. I would have loved to get more time; not even for cooking but for other things across the family. So, I’m not even zooming in on cooking…” Hunponu-Wusu expressed, while also expressing admiration for women who prioritize cooking for their families.

The revelation prompted diverse reactions across social media platforms.

One Facebook user, Princess Grace Oluwakemi, drew from personal experience, suggesting that affluence and busy schedules might influence such arrangements within families. 

She shared an anecdote of living with a wealthy relative whose hired chef managed the culinary duties due to the couple’s demanding schedules.

Abdulfatah Zakariyah offered a contrasting view, speculating about potential consequences within the marriage dynamic, humorously suggesting the introduction of additional family members who prioritize cooking.

However, not all responses were critical. Some, like Leapcaris TV, acknowledged the importance of individual choices within marriages while cautioning about potential complications when certain expectations, like cooking, are neglected.

Similarly, Adekunle Amao advised against blindly following social media narratives, warning of potential marital discord if individuals mimic lifestyles without considering their unique circumstances.

Christy Debs emphasized the role of mutual understanding within marriages, suggesting that the significance of cooking varies depending on the couple’s dynamic.

On a different note, Auta GratefulHeart EssyWealth shared a personal agreement regarding meal arrangements, highlighting the importance of communication and mutual agreement within a relationship.

Nzubechi-bliss Decency touched upon the financial aspect, suggesting that personal choices regarding domestic responsibilities can be influenced by financial considerations.

In a show of support, Kennedy Amagong defended Hunponu-Wusu, highlighting her philanthropic efforts and commitment to social causes, suggesting that her contributions to society outweigh any judgments about her domestic role.

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